100+ Units at 25 and How to Find a Mentor in Multifamily

Why a Merchant Cash Advance is Different

Find out exactly how the merchant cash advance and the small business loan differ.

SBA Financing in 2009

SBA financing has seen many ups and downs in the last year. No one did or could have predicted what has actually happened.

SBA Loan Financing – The Major Benefits

For business owners considering SBA financing as a way to either purchase or refinance a commercial property for their business, there are many distinct benefits over comparable conventional bank financing with the SBA programs. The main benefits of SBA financing include, higher loan to value, reliability of closing, and good loan programs.

Small Businesses Should Not Borrow Without a Sure Fire Plan to Pay it Back

Many small businessmen right now are complaining about the tight credit markets. Still, the same business people haven’t made money in their business in nearly a year. In other words, they haven’t turned a profit in any single month in over a year.

Getting a Cash Advance For Your Business Instead of a Business Loan

When most people think about getting working capital for their business, they think about going to the bank first. That makes sense; banks have been around forever and they spend billions each year on advertising. Now businesses are beginning to wake up to the fact that banks aren’t doing everything they could be doing to help us and that there is another business model taking up the slack.

Small Business Loan News – What Happens When the Funds Run Out in the Stimulus Bill?

If you are a small business owner, you know there was welcome relief in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, popularly known as the Stimulus Act. So what was so great about the Act?

What is the Number 1 Step Towards a Small Business Funding?

Small business funding, in the form of federal grants and loans, is available for these who are looking to expand or to start up small businesses. Indeed, all of the free government grants and loans come actually through the state government and not directly from the federal government. So, you need to learn how to start and when to apply.

Don’t Let Bad Credit Keep You From Getting Your Business Loan

The majority of business owners who come to me for money do so because they’ve been turned down by the bank due to credit issues. Although there are many reasons to get a merchant loan, bad credit is the number one reason.

Tips to CNC Machining Centers Financing

Getting materials ready for production is a big aspect in the machining industry. After having finalized the designs, making blueprints and models, the engineer has to go through the cutting and drilling process. A CNC machine with its precise and specialized work is a huge help here.

Business Loans For Women – Special Financial Options For Women

To financially assist the women business loans for women is come into existence. For any sort of purposes you may trust upon these loans and avail swift funds without facing any obstruction.

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