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Patriot Express Loan Program – Capital For Veteran-Owned Businesses in Hard Times

The SBA Patriot Express Loan Program is specially devised to provide needed capital for the cash flow needs of veteran-owned small businesses. This article (Part 1) discusses some of the major elements of these loans.

Getting Business Government Loans

If you are a promising and resourceful American citizen hoping to establish a new and exciting career in business, government loans are a great place to start investigating your financing options. The government offers hundreds of generous financial investment opportunities for enterprising Americans of all ages, races, religions, genders and ethnic groups, as well as a surprising amount of free government money in business grants. Here’s how…

Applying For Government Business Loans For Your Start-Up

Those who plan to embark upon new business ventures and are in the process of pooling financial resources are urged to call upon the US government for assistance. A government business loan, or small business grant may be exactly the preliminary financial boost that you need to get your plan into action. Here’s how you can get yours…

Business Grants and Loan – Free Resources For Your Start-Up Or Expansion

Small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for business grants and loans to help finance their start-up or expansion can tap into free resources that will provide the money needed. Your state and local government agencies want you to succeed as much as you do, as do many private organizations and lenders. By using free online resources to find these grant providers, you can get the cash you need to help launch or grow your business to take it to the next level.

Government Small Business Loans – What to Do If You Don’t Qualify

What should you do if you don’t qualify for government small business loans? The answer depends on just how committed and determined you are to starting your own business. Since you’re reading this article, my guess is that you are seriously seeking out answers and solutions. As a Start-Up Business Consultant, I’d advise you to explore bootstrapping.

10 Must Know Terms For Multifamily Acquisition

If you are one of those looking into purchasing multifamily apartment buildings, it best to bring yourself up to speed with the common terms and phrases used in the industry. This will help you in speaking intelligently to the various real estate professionals you will engage with throughout the process.

Multifamily Apartment Financing and Estoppel Agreements

Estoppel agreements insure you that the rental income being presented will be delivered. Suppose you’re a prospective multifamily apartment buyer, and you purchase your first apartment building. The good news is that the apartments still have tenants. According to the lease summaries and rent rolls provided by the sellers, the tenants pay a combined $50,000 per month.

5 Basic Tips For Multifamily Apartment Financing

In these recent economic downturn, with home ownership on the downturn and people losing their home, multifamily rental demand has reached an all time high. This article cites the 5 basic tips for obtaining multifamily financing. Owning multifamily properties offers you many long term cash flow advantages that can be recession proof over the long term.

Restaurant Funding Options – Benefits and Pitfalls

There are many sources in which restaurant owners could turn to in search of restaurant funds. All of these funding methods have both advantages and drawbacks.

What to Do When Your Small Business Needs Cash

With the economy starting to regain its health, your small business might not be feeling it yet. If you are pressed for cash you have lots of options to get back on your feet.

Social Marketing Your ARC Loan

This article will cover how you can use social marketing to find where to apply for ARC loans. Many businesses are on social marketing sites. Banks not so much yet. Maybe they feel like some security could be compromised. There are different scenarios on each social marketing site that could help them and YOU find them when you are ready to apply for your ARC Loan.

Commercial Mortgage Loans – Lending You a Helping Hand!

Commercial mortgage loans are the best way to fulfill all your business requirements. They can provide finance when you need it the most. However, if you are not sure as to which type of commercial mortgage you must avail, then you can look online. This will help you choose the best deal. You can even approach a lender who has abundant experience in offering loans.

Commercial Secured Loans

Whether you are going to start a business or thinking of an expansion of your assets, you may need to think about commercial secured loans if you have insufficient funds to fulfill your dream. Before plunging into this commerce, just get through my article. You may get some astounding insight to start.

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