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Most Common Issues That Kill Commercial Bridge Loans

Below are some of the most common issues that kill borrower’s commercial bridge loans while in process (meaning after the borrower has signed the LOI and sent in money to the lender). Commercial Bridge Loan – Value Value tends to be one of the biggest issues with commercial hard money deals. Basically the lenders use a different methodology of calculating value than borrowers or the market in general does.

Refinancing a Commercial Piece of Property – The Rules Have Changed!

The rules for underwriting commercial real estate loans have changed drastically. Read this article to stay in touch with all the new rules that underwriters, and banks are applying. You used to be able to pull out cash for any reason, not any more!

Guide to Small Business Loan Interest Rates

If you are starting your own business and do not have enough start up cash to do so, a small business loan can be very useful. However, whenever we think of applying for loans we think of banks and financial institutions. It is true that loans taken from these banks have sound legal formalities.

Benefits of the Referral Process With a Unique Small Business Financing Program

This unique small business financing program offers many benefits, and not just to small business owners. This program allows referrals, and this can help you make a nice sum simply for referring small business owners to the program. The referral program is a situation where everyone involved wins, and there are no losers.

When Not to Get a Merchant Cash Advance

I had never heard of a merchant cash advance before I started here. Now that I have, I think it is a great concept that has a real benefit for small businesses. That said, these so-called “poor credit unsecured loans” can be a real burden if used improperly.

Growing Your Business With a Business Cash Advance

Want to take your business from small to large? Find out how a business cash advance can help you do just that.

How Much Can You Get From a Merchant Cash Advance?

Curious as to how much working capital is available to your business through a Merchant Cash Advance? This article gives you a place to start considering what might be available to your small business from a Merchant Cash Advance provider.

Commercial Mortgage Loans – Portfolio Lenders Offer Best Chance For Approval Today

Commercial mortgage loans are much more difficult to get today. The credit squeeze has forced traditional lenders to stop virtually all lending activity. In this environment, a “portfolio lender” offers commercial real estate investors their best chance at securing an approval.

Can I Use a Business Cash Advance to Franchise My Small Business?

For some small businesses, deciding to franchise is one of the best decisions the owners of those businesses ever made. Just take 7-Eleven, Subway and Pizza Hut for example. 7-Eleven, the international convenience store chain, started out as a Dallas-based ice company.

When is it a Bad Idea to Get a Merchant Cash Advance?

I have been very fortunate to have seen many businesses use merchant cash advances wisely and really profit from them. Unfortunately I have also seen some of our clients misuse our service and really get themselves into hot water.

Types of Business Owners Who Could Benefit From a Premium Merchant Cash Advance

So you want to expand your business. Your business is doing great and if your calculations serve you correctly, you could increase your profit substantially by opening a second location. All you need is the initial funds to finance the expansion, and you are sure that in due time, you will earn back your investment, many times over.

Private Investors and Small Business Financing

Contrary to popular belief banks and credit unions are not the only sources of loans for small businesses. Real estate investors have long used private money loans to purchase real estate and the credit crunch is forcing small business owners to seek out private lenders as well.

Business Financing and the Credit Crunch

The credit crunch doesn’t have to stop you from buying or selling a business. Business owner financing aids both the business seller by delivering a quick sale and the business buyer by eliminating the hassle of bank financing and regulatory red tape.

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