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Car Wash Loans – Don’t Get Hosed Trying To Get Car Wash Financing

Obtaining car wash loans has a strategy to it, just like any other type of financing. In order to get the best possible type of financing, proper packaging is of utmost importance.

Commercial Loans – Do Mobile Service Franchises Make Sense for Unemployed Folks?

Okay so, let’s say you are unemployed, and you are looking for a job, and you’ve sent out resumes in your industry but there are no takers, no one is hiring right now, and it could be three or four more years. You know you can’t hold on that long, and you must find employment. Meanwhile your unemployment benefits are not going to go on forever, you know this.

3 Tips For Getting a Loan to Start Your Small Business

It is true that the economic downturn has lead to a decrease in the number of small business loans accepted by banks, but it’s worth remembering that in many cases the loan application failed because the future business owner failed to make a solid case for their business ideas. If a bank knows that they are going to make money from a loan, they will accept it. Getting a loan to start your own business depends on showing the bank that your venture is a low risk one and will be able to pay the loan back.

Equipment Financing Myths – What Every Business Owner Should Know

The finance markets have changed due the recent recession but many of the same basic lending principles still apply. Understand the players and be thorough in preparing your financial documents so that you are likely to get a fast approval at the best rates. If your business has had a down swing, evaluate whether it is worth getting a higher rate lease or loan or simply waiting until your business stabilizes again before adding more debt.

Lower the Payment on Your Business Loan

Lowering the interest rate on your business loan might help to reduce your overall payment. But, increasing your term will make your business loan more affordable.

Commercial Finance and TARP Money Small Business Loans Considered

There has been a lot of talk in the financial news about the challenges of getting money into the small business community so those companies can expand, hire more workers, and provide the economic engine to sustain our economic recovery. The Obama Administration has a plan, but like any plan to revive an economy, it requires all the players to be on board. If they are, then this infusion of small business financing money couldn’t come soon enough.

Business Finance Alternative – The Merchant Cash Advance

Due to the economic climate, the banks are much more reluctant to lend and tend to be much stricter when assessing applications for business finance. Even if you do get accepted for the business loan, there are usually strict monthly repayments and early repayment charges if you wanted to repay the balance early. It may be a good idea to look at a business finance alternative instead.

Popular Credit Options For Small Businesses

When it comes to building your business, there are times when credit is a necessity. Whether you’re looking to expand your capabilities, add inventory or to ease a cash flow problem, credit options for small businesses can make the difference between success and failure.

How To Get An SBA Loan Tailored To Your Business

If you would like to launch a business, unless you’re among the lucky people that have substantial sources of extra funds, you’re going to need to get an SBA loan to get the company up and running. If you’re looking for financing, here are some tips that will make acquiring the SBA loans to start a business a bit easier.

Commercial Lending Programs and SBA Loans Considered

Before retirement, I ran a franchising company, and occasionally our franchise buyers would need to take out a loan to buy the equipment, and pay for the franchise fee. However, whenever someone told me that they wanted to get an SBA loan, I had to think twice about selling the franchise because I was worried it might take too long for them to get approved, and get funded so they could order their equipment, and eventually start their business. You see like any franchisor, I was on a mad dash to put in as many units throughout the country as…

Commercial Loans and Finding Investors or Lenders Online

Many folks that would like to start a business, or expand their business into something great will go and look for a venture capitalist, or an angel investor. Especially when they find out that they can’t get all the money they need from a local bank because they don’t have the collateral to put up. This often happens when an entrepreneur has every single dollar he has/had invested in his own company already.

Choosing Your Banker for Commercial Loan Financing

Before you start the research on commercial banking, it is a good idea to write down a list of all your business needs in addition to commercial loan financing. Looking at this list and prioritizing your needs will allow you to find out which ones best fit your business. After you have done this, you should start comparing different commercial banks by visiting their websites. Looking through various websites will allow you to easily find out if they have online banking, where their branch is located, and what type of services they can offer your business.

Presence of Online Loaning Sites Make Small Business Loan Grants Easy

Small Businesses owners, who are not finding loans easily from banks, are turning to internet sites that serve as a good platform for matching borrowers with giant pool of lenders when they are in need of funds. This has driven growth for small businesses and increased public profile of small business sectors that were shut down by regulators during financial crisis.

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