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Banks Reject 60% of Small Business Loans

Small businesses need working capital and the banks aren’t lending. 60% of all small business loan applications were rejected. Where is a small business to turn to for cash? One solution is the burgeoning merchant cash advance market. Private lenders are stepping in to fill the void left by the banks. Merchant Cash Advances are quick and simple to get as long as your business qualifies. There is no fixed amount you pay back every month. The amount fluctuates with your business sales. Best of all the merchant cash advances are unsecured.

The Advantages of Taking Secured Business Loans

Secured business loans are the best solution to a person who wishes to start a business. It is very hard for an individual to be in a position to raise all the money required to start a company. One will require paying wages, buying raw materials and purchasing buildings.

Healthy Lending in a Sick Economy

The Great Recession has brought upon us the Great Credit Contraction. That means that banks and financial institutions are now more cautious and less willing to take high risks. So, where does this leave the entrepreneur or business man of today? Read on to find out tips on how to position your business first in line for financing.

Loans For Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs are some of the most ambitious, adventurous people in our society. Without the people willing take a risk our society would not be where it is today. With the economic climate as shaky as it is in our current state some small business owners are looking at loans for business expenses, equipment, advertising and other business related expenses.

Very Little Collateral Is Okay

Having little or no collateral can still allow you to earn a small business loan. Get rid of the catch-22 dilemma.

Prepare To Be Approved

As a small business owner to be or one that is in existence, but in need of financial backing for growth, the SBA loan application can be complicated. It is important that once an entrepreneur decides upon a loan guaranteed by the small business that they begin the loan process by obtaining the documents required and contact a local lender that deals with SBA loans since they are not a direct lender. Once the documentation has been gathered the loan company with then submit the information to the SBA for approval or denial.

How You Can Get Development Funding

When planning a big development, such as the construction of a house, commercial building or new office centre, planning the development funding is an essential part of the process. The funding of the development will ensure that the project can get started, that the architect, builders, and subcontractors get paid and that the project can come to completion.

Business Credit Report and Tips

Just like a personal credit report there is also a business credit report for your business. An accurate report can help you to decide whether or not you want to do business with a certain company and possibly what price you can charge. You can access comprehensive financial information that will allow you to assess the level of risk there is in extending credit to other companies.

Start Up Capital

One of the biggest challenges, if not the biggest, for a start-up firm is trying to find a lender that is willing to finance a new venture. The borrower must demonstrate to the lender that their business will be a success and that they will be able to make all of their loan payments.

Bank Loans Verse Private Lender Loans

Private lender business loans get a bad rap for being expensive. But bank loans are hard to obtain. You have to take what you can get until your qualify for better.

Equipment Financing – Are You Bankable?

Being “bankable” really depends on several internal and external business and economic factors. Time in business alone will not guarantee an instant approval as many of us remember from years past. Lenders will evaluate and review your business operation, your objective for capital requested and the type of gear you intend to purchase as part of their approval process. Be aware of the factors involved so you can make changes where appropriate to increase the chances of getting funded more often.

Myth Buster: If I Factor, I Will Lose Customers

There are a few myths that have tainted many business owners’ perceptions of alternative financing techniques like factoring. One is that if they factor, they will lose customers because their companies appear financially weak. The truth is that a lot of businesses fail because they refuse to consider alternative financing techniques like factoring when they are clearly the best solution. The net result can be far worse than anything an alternative financing technique could cause.

Raise Capital With Private Placement Programs and Platforms – PPM For Any Business Or Start Up

Times are changing in the world of business finance. No longer are commercial bank loans the only way to finance a business. In today’s modern business environment any entrepreneur can raise capital with private placement programs and platforms. Private capital is available to any entrepreneur with any size of business, small, medium or large.

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