A Housing Price Cooldown? | 2022 Housing Market Predictions

Getting a Commercial Business Loan the Smart Way

Requesting a commercial business loan at your local bank can seem intimidating. Unless, of course, you know ahead of time what your options are and how to qualify.

Sources Of Working Capital – 7 Types of Working Capital That Could Work For Your Business

Different sources of working capital are designed for different businesses, even in today’s restricted credit environment. There are options if you are a merchant, manufacturer or warehouse. Check out this article for more.

Fashion Angel Investors Can Make Your Creative Dream Venture Come True

You can make a killing in fashion with creativity and upfront help from Fashion Angel Investors. Despite being a risky venture, the fashion industry has the potential of churning out money spinners.

Your Checklist for Loans Between You and Your Entity

On just about every set of books I see for an entity, regardless of the type of entity or the type of business, there is a loan to or from the entity’s owner. During the early years of an entity, it’s common to see loans from the owner to the entity – usually to fund start up expenses and initial operating expenses. During the later years, it’s common to see loans from the entity to the owner as there tends to be more cash available in an entity as it matures.

Things a Business Loan Can Be Used For

Do you need additional funding for your company? Are you planning to apply for a business loan?

Reasons For a Commercial Loan

Are you in short of funds to start your company? Are you confused on where to get the needed money for your venture? If so, then this article is suitable for you.

Need A Working Capital Line Of Credit For Your Business?

Can’t get or lost your business line of credit. Well, business credit cards can function the same way for working capital if you just manage them correctly.

Short Sales, REOs, Flips and Rehab Loans

Now is the time for Real Estate Investors to make money. Many of these programs can be done with little or no money as a down payment. Sometimes the closing costs can even be rolled into the loan.

How To Get Government Loans For Your Business

Whether you like to believe it or not, the truth is that the government has plenty of money, billions of dollars floating about just as business loans to small business owners. There are more ways to get government loans to start a business than one can imagine.

5 Key Steps to Build a Valuable Relationship With Your Bank

Relationships are important for all parts of your business; the relationships with your vendors, suppliers, partners, employees and customers are all vital. But one of the first relationships you need to solidify is the one with your bank. Since lack of capital is one of the top 3 reasons businesses fail, you want to build a strong alliance with your source of capital. They may not be able to supply all the funding you need for every situation but they will always be a cornerstone for your daily operations and financial stability. Build your relationship early on and enjoy the benefits throughout the life of your business.

Merchant Cash Advance: The Best Solution for Restaurants

When it comes to financing a small business, a merchant cash advance is the right option for most. But for those in the restaurant business, it truly is the only option you should consider. Although every business wants to stay ahead of the game, restaurants can’t afford to be one step behind.

Invoice Factoring For Businesses Today

Today’s small business owners are struggling and many looking for answers as to how these tough times will affect the overall value of their businesses. It is times like this in our economy when we actually see an increase in a tactic known as invoice factoring, when a business sells its accounts receivable invoices at a discount. Invoice factoring has helped many companies survive and stay in business in the midst of the current global economic downturn.

Best Ways To Get Venture Funds

For starting small business one requires early stage investors and venture capitalists. Find angel investors and use them for their expertise and as a useful external source of capital for foundation of new business.

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