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Small Business Owners and Small Business Loans

Every three months, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, conducts and releases its “Senior Loan Officers Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices.” According to this quarterly survey, bank lending standards continued to tighten throughout 2008.

Small Business Loan Advisor – Does Obama’s Economic Stimulus Bill Help Small Businesses?

If you are a small business owner that has toyed with the idea of a SBA loan, is there anything beneficial in the new economic recovery act (“The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”) that will help me? It may surprise you to learn there is. No, I am not a paid spokesman for the U.

B&B Financing in 2009 and 2010

B&B financing is going to be exceedingly difficult in 2009, and probably well into 2010. Sellers are going to have to be willing to be more flexible. SBA cannot help if the banks won’t make them. With the lending climate that is going to exist for approximately the next two years, the probability is that if a B&B is going to get sold, the seller is going to have to hold some portion of it as a second mortgage. Here are some possible scenarios.

7 Things to Consider When Seeking Business Financing

Preparation is key with many things in life. Business financing is no different. In order to properly prepare and position yourself for the journey, make sure you are very familiar with the following 7 topics that may determine your ability to get the financing you seek…

Cheap Unsecured Business Loans – A Risk Free Financial Aid For Businessmen

Cheap unsecured business loans are for every single or multiple business activity. As the loan is risk free, in case of failing to repay the loan on time, borrowers do not have any tension of loosing their property or asset. Hence it is a great relief to the business professionals.

Cash Advance When You Just Need Hard Cash

There are times when you would be in a fix but all you would need is just hard cash. Even the credit cards that you have would all be useless.

Business Cash in Advance

Think back to when you first opened your business. Remember the sigh of relief you breathed the day you opened your business’s doors to the public, the delight that consumed you as the first transaction was made, the pride you feel everyday, when you watch yet another satisfied customer walk out the door? Even though the path of business ownership is full of excitement and happiness, surely you can also remember a time when you needed business cash in advance.

Vending Machine Financing – Choose Your Financer Carefully

The vending machine is a great innovation of the Greeks. It vends the products to the customers without a cashier or a person to keep the accounts. Mostly these machines are used to sell food items, beverages, snacks etc. Sometimes they are also used to sell the utility stuffs like newspaper, normal stationary and even alcoholic beverages like bottles of beer etc.

Multifamily Lending and Apartment Lending, Good News

Apartment lending remains one of the bright spots within the commercial mortgage business and borrowers can still expect long term, fixed rate financing, high leverage loans and low rates. For example, we are still seeing 30 to 35 year fixed rate financing, though 5 and 10 year fixed is more popular with borrowers. Amortization schedules remain at 30 to 35 years with some government backed programs.

Work Truck Financing – 5 Things to Look For

Construction Work requires a number of heavy vehicles which include the backhoes, bulldozers and many more. However, the most important equipment without which the workers find it really tough to accomplish their job is the work truck.

Commercial Loans – Are We All in This Together?

In the Working Capital Journal and elsewhere, there have been many reports so far indicating that only a small number of financial companies appear to be acting as if they truly understand that “We’re all in this together”. A special concern by many observers is that the largest banks (essentially those receiving federal funds recently to assist with their troubled financial operations) are not acting in this manner at all.

Hotel Loans – All is Not Lost

Hotel loans and hotel financing has become much more limited in the last six months, but there still are options out there. Here are a few things to consider on increasing your chances of getting your hotel loan closed.

Secured Business Loans – Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Them!

Money for business is like blood for the human body. It’s a necessity as crucial and essential as the air we breathe. Given below is everything you need to know about loans and used to hesitate from asking personally.

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