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Understanding Motel Financing and the Lending Process

As a result of the most recent economic recession, motel financing has been placed under the microscope in terms of qualifying factors as lenders were finding ever excuse possible not to loan on these commercial asset class properties. However, the Small Business Administration has emerged to help both investors and business operators support this endeavor to a point to where it has literally attracted banks of all sizes to become apart of the lending process for motels nationwide.

Commercial Real Estate Loans – Pointers and Qualifiers

The competition for your business in closing your commercial real estate loan is extremely high. However, make sure you have a solid business plan whether you be a business owner looking to expand your commercial space, or an investor looking to expand your portfolio. Here are some ideas and tips to follow which may help save you from re-starting your commercial loan application process all over again.

Small Business – SBA Loans Made Easy

Although the SBA does not come directly to the aid of small business, it indirectly gives a hand to people who want to run a small businesses but do not have enough start up capital or seed financing to do it. There is a lot of information about SBA loans on the internet and it would behoove one to start their search for the SBA loan by researching the topic first.

Commercial Mortgage Lenders and Lending Structures for Commercial Property

During this past decade, many commercial mortgage lenders closed shop during and subsequent to the most recent economic downturn. This was due to the lack of financial institutions and life companies halting almost entirely any commercial or business loan that was presented to them for approval to fund. Today, times have changed considerably in the commercial lending arena. And as a result, some of the most stable commercial mortgage lenders have emerged as the go to source for business owners seeking a small business loan, or for investors eager to obtain investment financing for their next commercial property.

Self Storage Loans – Preparing Yourself For a Successful Lending Process

Even though the commercial mortgage industry has gone through some of the roughest years in history, there are specific commercial loans that weathered that storm quite well. In fact, self storage loans have emerged as a commercial loan type that is looked at with notable stability and financial security.

Mobile Home Park Financing – Three Ways to Succeed

With increase scrutiny over commercial lending, many investors seeking mobile home park financing find themselves between a rock and a hard spot. However, there are a combination of commercial financing options available to them, especially when it comes to financing mobile home parks.

The 5 Biggest Myths About Invoice Finance: Exposed

A summary of the most common myths about invoice finance. Although invoice finance has grown in popularity considerably in recent years, and the product continues to evolve and develop, some age-old myths about it still exist today.

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Invoice Finance

A summary of some of the key benefits of invoice finance and why it should be considered as a viable source of working capital for small businesses. Invoice finance is hardly a new concept – it’s been around in some form for hundreds of years. Today, it’s used by thousands of businesses worldwide – of all shapes and sizes – as a reliable method of generating working capital.

Are You a Direct Lender?

So a 5% approval from your direct lender, of which you make a sizeable down payment raising that true rate much higher, or an 8% flat rate from your broker, which only requires first and last month with a couple hundred dollars in documentation fees, it is clear which makes more sense. Not all cases work exactly this way but many of them do. The key is to consider all the factors when making your decision as to where to submit your application.

7 Steps to Boost Your Finances in 2014

As 2013 draws to an end most people will be focusing on coping with the opportunities and challenges of the festive season. With the confidence for business in 2014 growing, SMEs are becoming more confident about their prospects. There is no better time get organised and put yourself in the best financial position for the new year.

The 2014 Guide to Hotel Loans

Financing a hotel is a much larger project than a residential home, and much trickier than a small retail or office development. Here’s what you need to know in 2014 if you intend to finance a hotel project.

SMSF Finance: A Tangible Property Investment Solution

Planning to buy investment properties such as retail, residential, commercial or specialized in Australia and look for better loan options? Self-managed super fund (SMSF) finance can be a great way for you to get fast cash for purchasing eligible income producing real property, even if you don’t have enough amount of money for buying your choice property. This sort of loan is also known as a “Do it yourself” pattern of saving and managing investment.

Introduction To Documentary Credits In Nigeria

Documentary Credit is one of the common international payment methods adopted by companies in Nigeria for the settlement of international trade obligations. Very many international exporters accept Documentary Credits issued by Nigerian banks. These exporters are taking the risks of local banks while others require the confirmation of other ‘international banks’ based in Europe, North America among others for some of the local Documentary Credits.

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