Biggest Red Flags When Buying a House (Flips & Rentals)

How to Lease Fitness Equipment – Get the Best Equipment Financing Rates

Five easy steps to lease fitness equipment. What you need to know to get the best exercise equipment financing rates and equipment leasing terms.

Getting Money For Your Business

Need money to start or brow a business? A business line of credit may work better for you than an SBA loan or other forms of borrowing. Here’s why…

A Novel Way to Get Small Business Financing for Your Venture

My neighbor happens to be one of those men that you’ve always heard of but have never actually seen. He had a great relationship with his wife and two kids until one day, his wife suffered a stroke. He took loving care of his whole family by himself – while he held down a well-paying executive’s job at Ford.

The Near Future For Commercial Lending

With the banks not lending to small business America, where is the working capital going to come from? Will the banks return to lending soon or is shadow lending going to be with us for awhile? Learn why it’s the latter.

Managing To Find Small Business Loans

Due to the state of the economy in recent years it has been quite difficult to get small business loans as banks have tightened up their criteria for how you qualify. This has caused a number of problems for businesses as they have ended up with cash flow problems that could have been avoided if they had only been granted this additional funding to get them through a tough time.

The Use Of Veterinary Loans

Veterinary loans can act as absolute lifesavers. Consider the following: An anesthesia monitor is on the fritz. Your ventilators suddenly cease working. An X-Ray system suddenly dies. If any or all of the above occur, you are left without the vital tools you need to treat your patients to the best of your ability.

Explaining What Is Debtor Finance

For a business which trades on credit terms with other businesses, the shortfall which arises from having to pay suppliers while customers settle on 45 or 60 days can seriously hold back growth. Debtor finance makes use of a business’s balance sheet, to release cash for operations which would otherwise be locked up. There are a wide variety of debtor finance forms, some more suitable for larger businesses, usually involving longer contractual commitment with the financier. Other more flexible arrangements are better suited to smaller businesses which can tap into the finance on an ad hoc basis and better control their costs in the process. Because of its nature, debtor finance is best suited to businesses which have a high labor or inventory content to their cost of sales.

Alternatives to Debt Financing

In this article, we discuss the many alternatives that are available to traditional debt financing. Additionally, we focus on working with angel investors, private investors, and venture capital firms that can provide a company with the capital they need to launch their operations or expand their current venture.

Using a Commercial Loan Broker

This article discusses using a business loan broker to secure capital. The article also focuses heavily on the benefits and downsides of working with this type of business.

Business Plans for SBA Micro Loans

In this article, we discuss how to produce a business plan specifically for the SBA micro loan program. Additionally, there is an additional focus on the need for additional materials that may be required from a borrower when applying for this type of funding.

Business Loan Overview

In this article, we provide an overview of how business loans work. Additionally, we discuss alternatives to using traditional commercial loans in order to finance a business venture.

Business Lines of Credit Overview

This article provides an overview in regards to business lines of credit. Additionally, the article focuses substantially on which types of businesses are best suited for using this type of debt facility.

Will Commercial Lending Slow, Due to Recent Negative Economic News?

We have seen steady increases in originations in virtually all fronts of commercial lending in the last year. Is all of this momentum and good news about to disappear due to the struggling national and global economy? For example, SBA loans are up and are about to run out of its allocated capital before their fiscal year end (September 30th 2011), and conventional investment property loans are up over 107% in 2nd quarter 2011 from the same period a year ago (according to the Mortgage Bankers

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