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Why Access to Financing Is Critical For Law Firms

Most people assume that every lawyer lives an extravagant, lavish lifestyle. They assume that all lawyers have large incomes, fulfilling work, and a prestigious position in society.

Securing Development Finance

The development finance market is an area with growing demand for funding because the big banks still have no appetite for this type of lending at the moment. The good news is that there are still lenders out there, read on!

Preparation For Getting Business Loan Financing

Every company needs capital to survive. Business growth lies in the ability of being able to manage finances properly as this opens the way in which businesses can venture to yet another opportunity for investment. Managing finances is to be considered as one of the most important elements in business. However, what challenges companies or any small businesses is how to acquire money and how to pay for the debt. The intervention of business loan now comes into existence.

5 Steps To Decide If Your Business Should Take An Equipment Loan or Lease

Wondering if you should lease your business equipment or take a loan out for it? Here are few things to consider for your small business.

Supplier Credit: Why You Want It, How to Get It – And What To Do With It

Many companies struggling with working capital and cash flow challenges are overlooking an ideal source of financing that’s right beneath their nose: supplier credit. Taking full advantage of supplier credit can have a big impact on a company’s working capital and cash flow cycle. This impact can be so drastic that, in some instances, supplier credit can eliminate a company’s need for outside financing altogether.

Construction Finance Fees

Although us brokers like to save you time and money we cannot arrange finance for you that is free. At the same time we know that borrowers are not keen on paying for lender costs and certainly want to keep them to a minimum. With any construction finance application you will have to pay fees for the following: Valuations.

What Is a Construction Loan?

Construction loans are loans used to fund the construction of the property. They are also called story loans. That means the lender has to know the story behind the planned construction.

Construction Finance and the Problem With Banks

High street banks are often the benchmark for clients looking to borrow money. This is true of personal mortgages, loans and no less so for funding building projects. Most would agree that they provide the cheapest rates and all builders and developers are looking for the cheapest construction finance.

March Of The Mindless – A Note to Bank Officers and Directors, And to the FDIC

This compelling article focuses on the nonsensical approach taken by many bank officers and directors, and their attorneys and professional advisors, relative to defaulted commercial real estate loans and loan workouts. It points out, in clear terms, that the approach often taken by banks, senior officers, directors and their attorneys and other professional advisors is in breach of their respective fiduciary duties to the bank, and their contractual and compliance duties to the FDIC. It offers a solution that complies with regulatory mandates, and that is actually in the best interest of banks, borrowers, guarantors and the FDIC insurance fund. The article also makes a compelling case that failure to heed its warning could result in personal liability to the FDIC. Compliance could actually move the foreclosure crisis forward to enable recovery.

Capital Raising To Start Your New Business Venture Successfully

Growing a successful business takes meticulous planning, preparation, hard work, and most importantly a robust source of financing. In order to grow up your business and to take it to the acme of success, it is very important to attract financing from banks, venture capital sources, outside investors, venture angels and more. Capital Raising, whether it is from financial institutions, a business angel or a venture capital firm, has got a lot to do with being able to sell your business idea.

Loan Processing Companies – Direct And Indirect Benefits They Can Pass to Your Business

Loan processing companies pass direct and indirect benefits to mortgage firms. They can be described as self-governing organizations that are fully licensed and permitted by law to work in the U.S mortgage industry.

Reasons to Consider Using Commercial Mortgage Note Buyers

Commercial mortgage note buyers purchase mortgage notes for commercial properties, paying the note holder a lump sum and usually also paying the closing costs. There are several reasons a commercial note holder might consider approaching a note buying company. Holders of these notes should learn more about these to determine whether now is a good time to sell them. The process is not difficult and it provides immediate financial benefits.

Low Bank Capital Is the Next U.S. Crisis – Why Private Capital Will Rule The Markets

With the continuing debt crisis in commercial real estate, the need of capital for property purchases or property stabilization, or taking advantage of discount pay off of notes from lenders combined with current bank lending policies has created a real capital crisis. That’s why private capital will save the day for years to come.

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