Buying a Short-Term Rental? Don’t Fall for These “Value Adds”

Facts and Findings of Business Loans

Business loans can be the lifeline of any kind of business from small shops to large showrooms and home based manufacturing companies to large manufacturing companies can need extra cash to keep business operations moving. Normally loans for business purposes are provided by banks.

What Is a Daisy-Chain?

I have come across numerous people that asked what a Daisy-Chain was so I decided to write about it to give clarification of an event that I see rather common in commercial real estate today. If you are a loan consultant you’ll find out how to act smart if you become part of a Daisy-Chain or how to completely avoid it, if necessary. If you’re a Buyer/Investor/Borrower you’ll learn to recognize the symptoms if your commercial loan project is part of a Daisy-Cain event.

How To Receive A Small Business Loan

Place yourself on the opposite side of the desk for a while. If somebody question you for a small business loan, you would demand to have knowledge of accurately reasons that he or she wanted the cash and what the possibilities were that he or she will pay back the credit completely and on schedule.

Getting A Business Loan After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may feel like the end of your world, but it doesn’t have to be. If you begin rebuilding your credit right away you can most certainly get a business loan after you have had a bankruptcy.

Restaurant Financing Is Complicated to Attain, Until Recently

Restaurant financing is made easy using a merchant cash advance and is usually made available by a factoring middleman or funding company. Your establishment won’t be asked to provide collateral, you won’t have to posses several years of a perfect business history and your establishment won’t wait weeks before seeing a single penny.

Guess What Your Business Needs? Working Capital and Small Business Finance Loan/Loans Options

Information on working capital solutions and small business finance loan arrangements that make sense for your cash flow needs. Cash flow financing via loans or monetizing your current assets is your challenge – here’s how to solve your problem for business financing.

Confidential Cash Flow Factoring – Turn Accounts Receivable Into Your Best AR Finance Strategy

Information on cash flow factoring in Canada and how confidential accounts receivable financing can turn your AR finance strategy into an unlimited cash flow machine for your growth, and profits. Finally a strategy that allows you to be in charge!

Start-Up Financing – Get a SBA Loan for Start-Up, Franchise, or Business Purchase

One of the best ways to obtain start-up financing for a small business is the SBA 7(a) Loan Program. The SBA (Small Business Administration) is a governmental entity whose sole purpose is to support small business in the United States. One of the programs it sponsors is the 7(a) Loan Program which allows new businesses to take advantage of bank financing.

8 Ideas to Get You Closer to a Commercial Loan Approval

During the past decade a plethora of commercial loan products have been available to investors. Credit was accessible by almost everyone. But nothing lasts forever and so is the case with the easy credit era. One of the differences between yesterday and today is that back then banks were competing for clients while today clients are competing for money. If you’re ready to purchase a new commercial property or if you have a need to refinance your current loan here are a few ideas that will help you get one step further to a loan approval to meet your real estate investment goals.

Merchant Account Loan Applications Are On the Rise

While not really a loan, rather a contract named as credit card factoring; an establishment may use their existing merchant account to obtain cash they need for corporate costs. This type of merchant account loan contains amounts which range from a few thousand dollars to a million or higher, based on the requirements, the calculated credit card transactions and a few extra factors.

Turbo Charge Your Banking Via A Business Line Of Credit ABL Revolver!

Information on the ABL revolver as a totally new solution for a business line of credit. Business banking that makes sense!

Use Commercial Note Buyers To Assist Your Investment

By using the services of commercial note buyers to assist you in financing, you can lessen the risks of investing in real estate. Commercial note buyers are people who will purchase a portion of your note, or even the entire note for a pre-arranged sum of money, which you can then use to cover your investment.

Commercial Financing for Your Small Business

It’s common for businesses of all sizes to experience fluctuations in cash flow from time to time. Small businesses, in particular, may experience variations in market demand that necessitate a loan. These can include cash loans in the form of overdrafts, lines of credit, and other types of debt. There are a range of commercial loans available to business borrowers.

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