COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FINANCING | The 7 Types of Commercial Properties

Deals On Wheels

Since the economic downturn of 2008, a record number of homeowners have traded in their overpriced, upside down, stick built homes for a taste of the simple life in a mobile home… yes, I said mobile home. Now wait a minute, don’t turn the page just yet, this is just when it starts to get interesting and lucrative… That former homeowner takes what’s left from their less than stellar (if any) remaining equity and oftentimes can pay cash for a state of the art, amenity filled home with no payments.

Are You the Cadillac or the Hyundai?

A man walked into one of the many Cadillac dealerships in Los Angeles to purchase a car. He was dressed in farmer’s bib overalls, muddy boots and was less than clean shaven.

Credit Repair 101

It seems now more than ever that the industry is forcing us to sharpen not only our pencils, but our skillset, as well. Since the recession, I’ve worked with clients who require credit repair for the simple fact that the market has turned their lives upside down. Many people have faced over limit credit cards, late mortgage payments not to mention the epic number of foreclosures in the market.

Ranking the Banks in Blythe, California

We rank the Top 3 banks in Blythe. This is a list that residents, potential residents, and interested outsiders should see.

What to Prepare When Seeking Commercial Business Financing

The meeting with a loan auditor when seeking alternative financing for your commercial property can make or break your business plan. However, if you know what is coming, you will be at an advantage and can prepare adequately. The following are some of the criteria that your commercial loan application will be evaluated on.

Apartment Loans in 2013 – What Investors Should Know About the Real Estate Market This Year

Where are rates headed? What direction is real estate really headed? What are the best markets to invest in? Get all the latest information on the state of affairs for U.S. real estate and how it will unfold in 2013.

A High Credit Score Does Not Guarantee Loan Approval for Business Owners

As the economy rebounds, business owners are becoming more optimistic. Thriving startups as well as established businesses, however, are finding it harder and harder to obtain business loans from traditional banks. Since 2008, overall business lending has decreased by 15% across the board.

5 Ways To Finance A New Business

Whether you’re looking for business start-up funds, expansion funds or you need money to keep your company together through difficult times, financing a business is a challenging task. And given the current economic climate, securing funds has become tougher than ever. However, you mustn’t lose hope. The success of your business depends on your perseverance to find a suitable financing solution. Here are a couple of ways to meet your business startup financing needs.

What Is a Credit Score In India?

A credit score is a numerical score that summarizes your credit history and credit risk for lenders. If you are applying for any kind of a loan, be it an education loan, credit card or even a home loan.

Improve Your Business and Credit Score With Bad Credit Commercial Loans

Entrepreneurs who are up to their neck in business debts can take bad credit commercial loans in an effort to improve their business and their financial standing. These loans are availed to individuals who have declared bankruptcy before or who have a very poor credit history. Such individuals would not qualify for a regular loan as they are considered too risky by most lenders.

The Outlook for Bank Lending

The news that the US national debt is now $16 trillion and rising and that the UK total national debt is over 1 trillion are not easy pieces of financial information to digest. The impact these numbers have on most of us is little or no different to the impact if these governments were to declare that the numbers were twice as large.

Loans – Getting Start Up Loans For People With Bad Credit

Becoming self-employed is a great decision, and many people do not have the money to invest in the new venture. Getting start up loans has become more difficult, due to the number of people failing at making any money. Still, getting start up loans for people with bad credit; either lack of history or poor payment management is one of the hardest tasks. It is still possible; find out below how.

How to Select the Best Cash Loans From the Internet

Some of us get anxious when applying for loans because we do not know what to expect. Learning more about financial loans and your options are helpful in choosing the type of loan suitable for your needs.

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