Low Business Loan Rates – Taking Advantage of the Self Storage Industry

Not too many years ago, self storage loans were mostly financed by local banks that held good standing relationships with investor borrowers in order to obtain low business loan rates. Today, commercial lending has changed. Now, it is more common for commercial investors that specialize in lending on self storage financing to shop nationwide for commercial mortgage brokers in order to capitalize on the best rates and terms.

Turning Your Mortgage Rate Into an Afterthought

For some buyers, the actual mortgage rate obtained on their new loan may have a huge impact on whether they purchase their investment property. Yet, after you obtain an understanding of mobile home parks and how they operate, interest rates will become an afterthought.

Loans For New Businesses

The bureau of Labor Statistics says that 74% of businesses will fail within their first 4 years. SBA says the major reason for these new businesses failing is due to insufficient capital and lack of funding. There are solutions for new businesses that start their business with the right mindset.

Small Business Administration Loan Requirements and Opportunities

Today’s commercial lending arena has offered more options that didn’t exist to this extent just a few short years ago. The Small Business Administration has played a big part in bringing business owners together into the commercial lending arena preparatory to opening up many other commercial property uses as the new SBA standard lending practices.

How to Avoid Fraud in the Mortgage Industry

As if the mortgage industry hasn’t endured enough over the last 15 years, the current climate of the real estate lending continues to cause concern among borrowers. Hard money lenders, for example, provide an incredible service to market investors, but without properly verifying a lender’s credentials, one can easily learn that not all lenders have their best interest in mind.

Self Storage Loans and the Small Business Administration

Just a few short years ago, self storage loans were only obtainable through your local bank whom many times would take advantage of investors through high interest rates and hard to cash flow terms. Today, the Small Business Administration has opened up new commercial loan programs allowing self storage financing to investors with favorable commercial mortgage rates and terms, thus allowing great opportunities for managing cash flow.

Mobile Home Park Finance – The Cash Cow Lives!

While some real estate investors realize the many mobile home park finance options today, there are still many who have just not wrapped their arms around and turning these low income communities into cash cows. Yet, with current mortgage rates still at record lows, and by combining higher loan rates by including hard money lenders into the overall financing picture, these commercial properties have the potential to attract even the most experienced investors.

Motel Mortgage Opportunities Are Knocking

With the financial hitting the commercial lending industry at it’s core, obtaining a small business loan was practically impossible just a few short years ago. Thankfully, with the SBA loan program modifying it’s criteria as of late, obtaining a motel mortgage has become much more obtainable and in line with a recovering commercial real estate market.

Motel Loan Rate Options for Small Business Hospitality Operators

With increased options available to hospitality entrepreneurs, competing for the lowest motel loan rate has become one of the new norms in commercial real estate lending. The main contributor to this demand is the Small Business Administration who now is allowing commercial real estate lenders the opportunity to compete with low business loan interest rates to investors of motels.

Unlocking the Potential: Asset Based Finance in the UK

The UK asset based finance industry isn’t growing as quickly as it should be, and not enough smaller businesses are benefiting from it. This article identifies some of the reasons why.

Assisted Living Facility Financing – A Mutually Beneficial Undertaking

Across America, our aging population will place more demand on assisted care facilities along with assisted living facility financing. It’s important to understand with this aging sector of our population, along with how to plan for this widespread growth through financing senior care facilities.

The Commercial Mortgage Lenders Association: Staying in the Loop

One of the key ingredients of a qualified mortgage broker is their membership in the Commercial Mortgage Lenders Association. The in depth resources and training to mortgage brokers to submit high quality small business loans and investment property loans, leads the industry for commercial lenders. Discover some of the benefits of belonging to this great financial organization.

Self Storage Financing Stipulations and Benefits

One of the biggest factors as an investor is obtaining great self storage financing terms for the length of your holding or investment period. Understanding the business funding process and how investment property loans are looked at today by commercial lenders can help save you the headaches and potential time when seeking commercial loans of this nature.

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