From Pizzeria Owner to 1,500 Rental Units by “Buying Right”

Know What It Takes To Get Restaurant Financing

Up until recently restaurant financing, was burdensome and very limiting. Not only are there only a few lenders interested in restaurant financing, refinancing for this type of business is very difficult to obtain. If you are already in the restaurant business or are planning to open a restaurant, you really do have only a handful of lenders to choose from and even they remain overly cautious with very conservative guidelines.

Commercial Loan Refinance – Current Market Conditions

Trying to get a commercial loan refinance closed right now is difficult as the capital markets continue to take it on the “chin.” The small balance arena, meaning mortgages between $400,000 – $5,000,000 are definitely not immune as guidelines tighten with in this sector. Beyond the obvious lower loan to values, increased debt coverage ratios, etc there is a real sense of confusion as to what the rules are among all the players involved; from huge banks to small brokers.

Hard Money Commercial Loans – Common Borrower Situation

Hard money commercial loans are becoming more prevalent as borrowers feel the pinch of the credit crisis and find that traditional sources, such as their local banks will not approve their loan request. Some borrower are often surprised, maybe shocked to receive the notice that their loan has been “called” due to the banks desire to lighten its exposure. As of April 2008, it’s estimated the turn down rate from traditional banks to be as high as 90%… The void is being filled, to a degree, by hard money commercial loans.

Innovative Ideas? Business Loans Are Your Answer

New businesses come and go every day and innovation is part of each of those new businesses. Starting a new business takes conviction and guts but it also takes money. So if you have got an innovative idea that you want to see turn into a prosperous business but you don’t have the financing you need then it’s time to explore small business loans to see your idea come to life.

Restaurant Loans – What Are Your Options?

Restaurant financing was once very difficult to obtain but today there are many options for financing and restaurant loans are offered by various financial institutes as well as traditional banks. Restaurant financing was once very difficult to obtain but today there are many options for financing and restaurant loans are offered by various financial institutes as well as traditional banks.

Considering a Business Cash Advance

A business cash advance or an unsecured business loan may be a viable option for businesses that may not be well established, or that have had financial difficulties in the past. Sometimes referred to as an unsecured loan, a business cash advance allows businesses that are struggling financially, or that need cash for expansion and growth to get the money they need. Let’s face it, sometimes times are tough, and even well run companies can run into financial difficulties.

Commercial Bridging Loan – Funding Your Real Estate Deal

Commercial bridging loan is short term financial help that is usually provided in your real estate deal. The amount of the loan depends here upon the appraised value of the collateral.

Bad Credit Small Business Loans – Prepare the Plot of Your Business Now

In brief, it you may extract that running a business contains several risks in itself. You might be in dire need to renovate and standardize the level of your business in order to meet the competition. In such cases, bad credit small business loans don’t only ignore your credit score, but it also relieves you of financial crisis in fulfilling all your business goals.

Boost Up Your Business with Commercial Loans

Monetary needs in business are always urgent, giving you very less time to act upon. If the proper funds have been reserved then it is fine, otherwise the owner of that business should look for commercial business loans to solve his business’ instant requirements.

Business Loans 101

Business loans play an important part in the functioning of the company. The first and foremost objective of a business organization is not to take loan and cover the cost of operations through the revenue that it generates.

Business Loans for Small Businesses

Things are going along well for your business. Sales have never been better, debts are being repaid, and cash reserves, though modest, are starting to grow.

Can’t Get a Small Business Loan? Consider a Joint Venture Partner

A joint venture partner, or strategic partner, is sometimes overlooked as a possibility of funding. What is a strategic or joint venture partnership? It’s when two companies combine efforts to obtain a goal that would be difficult for either one of them to achieve individually.

Commercial Mortgage, Commercial Loans and Commercial Finance

Call it by a different name but I think we all know that we are talking about arranging to borrow enough money to purchase or re-mortgage a Commercial property, which could be freehold or leasehold. The demand for Commercial property seems unabated despite the doom and gloom which the credit crunch has forced upon us in the residential market. Anyone going to an auction will experience the buzz of excitement from the investors when certain properties are put up for sale with a good tenant on a long term commercial lease.

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