Good Debt vs. Bad Debt (& When to Use Both)

Investment Property Loans Being Affected by the Credit Crunch

Making a foray into investment properties is not quite as easy as it once was. The best way to make a million dollars has always been to “borrow a million and let other people pay it off for you,” but the credit crunch is still affecting the loan markets and finding property investment loans is still difficult.

How to Get a No Credit Business Loan

No credit business loans can be availed of by the businessman who needs quick cash to start up a business. They can even use it if they want to expand their business. Lenders issue these kinds of loans if they are offered collateral. They accept receipts from your business credit card.

Commercial Loan Modification – Now is the Time

Commercial Loan Modification is a subject not frequently talked about while the whole country focuses on the residential market however the facts are overwhelming and clearly show a huge problem on the horizon. With 83 billion in commercial loans currently in default and another trillion (that’s right – trillion dollars) coming due by the end of 2010 and yet another trillion plus through 2012 the potential for a market meltdown is increasing…

Business Loans – Different Types

No business can work without ample amounts of finances and one way of raising capital is by taking a business loan. Taking loan also means that you don’t tie up a large chunk of your finances or capital in one particular thing but can efficiently utilise it to make it work for you. Now day’s most financial institutions and banks are coming up with very good loan products for the business developers.

Can’t Get a Business Loan? Get a Business Cash Advance Instead

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by small business owners who come to me because they’ve been turned down for a loan. The one thing that most of these people have in common is that they are hard working businesses people that just need a little help.

Comparing and Contrasting the Small Business Loan and the Business Cash Advance

Though the business cash advance differs greatly from the bank loan, one of the most traditional methods of business funding, the two business funding methods also have a lot in common. Small business owners should understand both the similarities and differences before they decide which method is best for their businesses.

Don’t Let Bad Credit Keep You From Getting a Business Loan

Just because you’ve had some mistakes in the past doesn’t mean you can’t get working capital for your business although the banks may tell you differently. A business cash advance removes the obstacles in the way from you getting the cash you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Avoiding the Business Loan Fraud Scheme

Another angle on this type of fraud scheme is to entice you to apply with agreeable business rates and instant approval. They will have you complete an application form and then collect personal and business information which they can then sell to other scam artists.

Do You Need a Business Loan Fast? A Merchant Loan May Be Your Best Solution

We’ve all been there; we need money in a hurry to cover unexpected expenses and going through a bank would simply take too long… even under the best circumstances. A merchant loan can get you funded in less than a week in most cases.

Small Business Loans – Meet Your Business Related Needs

Whenever you need money for your business, you can easily access short term loan help applying small business loans. It can be a great financial help to flourish your business. These loans are source of funding that provides you the money that your business needs to thrive.

Micro Loans For Small Business

Small business start up capital can sometimes be inadequate. One option that is available to the small business owner is a micro loan. These loans are specifically designed to give aspiring business owners start up capital as well as giving a boost to already established businesses.

Have You Been Rejected For a Business Loan Because of Bad Credit? Try a Business Cash Advance

I hear it dozens of times every single day; Businesses need money so they go to the bank, only to be turned down because they have bad credit… even when their credit really isn’t too bad after all. Ok, so maybe some of their credit scores are pretty low, but certainly not all of them.

Securing an Approval For Your Business Loan

Don’t be alarmed if you have to go through scrutiny when you apply for a business loan. It is just normal. The key is to persuade the loan officer that you have carefully thought out your business plan.

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