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Does Your Business Need to Secure a Business Cash Advance?

A business cash advance is a method of financing that is rapid, simple and effective. You may not even know it, but, you have already passed the first hurdle – you have a credit card processing agreement. When you opened your credit card processing account so you may process credit cards at your restaurant, you walked the first step towards becoming eligible for a factoring arrangement. The rest of the transaction is equally simple.

Vetting a Restaurant Loan With a Bad Credit Rating

A credit card factoring company is in the unique position of securing you a factoring arrangement based on your proven merchant account sales. If your company has been taking credit card payments over the last six months, and they average out to $5,000 or more you may be qualified for the program. Based upon your total, the funding company may offer to purchase anticipated earnings in the future for cash flow in your hand now.

Business Secured Loans

There are times when business owners need some extra money to grow or maintain their business, and many wonder what the right choice in loans for their business is. If you need a large sum of money, more than a few hundred dollars, most lenders will want some type of guarantee that you will pay the money back. This means that for most businesses, business secured loans are the best choice.

Myth Buster: Factoring Is Too Expensive?

One of the many myths surrounding the factoring industry is that factoring is simply too expensive to be considered a viable commercial financing option for the average small business. When someone tells me they think factoring is expensive, I ask them “compared to what?” Usually, the least expensive option is not the best one. In the end, the cheapest solution often costs more because it did not solve the problem.

Export Financing

One of the major provisions of this Executive Order was to increase the Export-Import Bank’s trade finance abilities by twice its 2009 level of $21 billion over the next five years. Further, the Export-Import Bank is creating new financial facilities that target and support small and medium sized businesses – to the tune of some $2 billion per year.

SBA Loan Appraisals: Machinery and Equipment

The recent passage of the Small Business Jobs Act (H.R. 5297) has galvanized the business loan market. A qualified ASA machinery and equipment appraiser discusses the importance of USPAP compliant equipment appraisals for both the lending institutions and the borrowers in light of bank auditors and examiners who will be inspecting SBA loan files.

Why It’s Time to Bring Factoring Into Your Financing Equation

In your search for commercial financing in the midst of the ongoing credit crunch, here’s something to factor into your consideration: It may be time to look at factoring in a whole new light. Factoring can make the difference between success or failure for companies operating without adequate working capital-at a cost that’s probably a lot less than most business owners think.

Owner Financing and Buying an Existing Small Business Considered

Many people who are out looking for a new job are having a tough time of it, and there is a tremendous number of people who will be running out of unemployment benefits momentarily, even though it appears there will be some extension of unemployment benefits. It’s hard to say if the states can continue to pay these unemployment benefits, as many of the states are going broke. These Americans are going to have to find jobs and many of them are taking menial jobs, as they are gainfully underemployed.

Tips for Applying for a Commercial Loan

A commercial loan is not easy to get. The application process is complicated and approval is hard to receive. But if you follow certain tips, it will not be a headache to you.

Business Insurance – SME Loans

Business insurance is just one cost that smaller companies are having to bear at a time when lending has been dramatically scaled back by the banks. Putting the cost of business insurance to one side a minute, it’s reckoned that banks have reduced lending to the SME sector by around 20 million pounds a day. Take that out of the system and you have potentially a huge problem with an increasing amount of companies struggling to survive.

Business Loans Change Business Investment

Unlike in the past where there is slightest competition in the market, handling a business these days might be very difficult. The dynamism of a fast-paced market along with soaring business rates present vast challenges to business proprietors today. In the present areas of large business market, new business loans are offered for little and huge industries alike to support expenditures in maintaining or developing a business.

New Business Loans – Good Stat Without Any Hassle

New business loans are intended for those who want finance to start a new business. These finances are termed as tenable and unsecured forms.

Learn How to Pull a Deal OFF

I love watching David Blaine he takes it to the edge every time and 90% of the time manages to pull off his stunts. Pulling off a profitable wholesale real estate deal in thirty to forty five days is not always the easiest task, but it can be richly rewarding. The two main things you have to have to pull off a wholesale deal are a motivated seller and a buyer for a property.

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