How To Become a GREAT Real Estate Analyst [3 Steps]

Advantage Business Cash Advance – No Need to Pledge Collateral

Are you worried that the global credit crisis will leave your business with insufficient funds? Is a poor credit history preventing you from securing funds for your business? Is the risk of putting your personal finances at stake, preventing you from applying for a bank loan? Would you be interested in a financing option that is not only fast and hassle-free but also demands no collateral? If yes, then business cash advance, also called merchant cash advance, is ideal for your business.

Mortgages For Contractors

For those people looking to change careers and move into the freelance contracting sector it is worth bearing in mind one disadvantage of contracting. Amidst all the advantages (flexibility, skills development and often higher rates of pay) it is often forgotten that contractors can have a great deal of difficulty when it comes to applying for a mortgage.

Why Do You Need a Commercial Mortgage Broker?

Applying for commercial loans may require a lot of paper work. A number of terms and conditions have to be met as well. However, it may be difficult for you to approach the bank directly for such loans or mortgages.

Things to Know About a Commercial Mortgage Broker

A Commercial Mortgage Broker is one who gets you in touch with banks and other financial institutions for the loan that you require for your business. They are the same as the residential mortgage brokers, but they deal in commercial buildings and properties like hotels, factories, retail outlets and stores, that is, anything that helps you in increasing your business. They are better equipped with the knowledge of the rules and terms that have to be kept in mind in this kind of dealing as usually a partnership is involved, and outcome of the business also has to be analyzed…

Business Debt Consolidation

Many consumers find themselves in debt for differing reasons. The sluggish economy has made many people redundant or has left many small businesses struggling as the knock on effects from less consumer spending filters through. Countless businesses are continually finding their finances stretched and due to cash flow problems are unable to meet their debt obligations.

Unsecured Business Loans – Easy Finance For Commercial Purposes

Unsecured business loans are collateral free nature. The loans can be purely used to support business needs and demands. Applicants with serious credit hassles too can make use of these loans. To learn more about these loans, you can read this article.

Veteran Business Loans – What Percentage Must Be Veteran-Owned?

To qualify under the Patriot Express loan program, 51% of the business must be veteran-owned, including widows or spouses of a veteran. This is simple to calculate if the veteran owns the business 100%. But what about other situations?

The Importance of Using a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Your question may be…”Should I utilize the services of a commercial mortgage broker or go direct to the bank when seeking a commercial loan?” This may come to mind when you are entering into a contract for a real estate purchase or business purchase, or simply seeking to refinance your real estate investment.

Church Mortgage Loans – What to Do First Before Applying

I am often asked what is the biggest challenge or obstacle for a church to obtain financing to build a church, expand their church, or to refinance. The first answer usually is not keeping up to date financial records; three years profit and loss statement and a current balance sheet. The first thing to do before applying for financing is: get your financial records together, and in the proper format.

Commercial Mortgage Lenders – Hard Money

Commercial hard money lenders fill a giant void in the commercial lending industry. Most commercial lenders are in one way or another tied to banks and their traditional underwriting standards. Commercial hard money lenders are not dependent on banks and fill the void between what banks will not fund and deals that just make no sense at all.

Small Business Loans – How to Get One

Getting a small business loan is not as hard as you think. The Basic 7a SBA loan is a good option.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

There has been an ongoing theory by many that investing in real estate was “the best” investment that one could make. The proponents site the numerous reasons to focus on real estate over other investments including: Safety, Income, Appreciation, Supply and Demand, and most importantly Return on Investment.

Startup Business Loans – A Primer

You have this great business idea that you are convinced will make a fortune for you. You are willing to put in the hard work required to turn your idea into a successful business venture.

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