How to Become a Millionaire on an Average Salary | 5 Keys

Small Business Loans: Alternate Source of Finance for Business Projects

Handling a small business is not an easy task at all. Big business owners can easily raise capital for venture due to good brand name and image.

Using Private Commercial Mortgage Lenders for Business Loans

Private commercial mortgage lenders can enable business owners to use the same strategies as professional real estate investors to raise capital. Private commercial mortgage lenders tend to be ordinary people who are simply looking for a better return on their money than a bank savings account or CD can offer. Using commercial mortgage lenders from the private sector can be one of the easiest methods for raising money for people who are unemployed or do not have good credit records established.

The Usefulness of Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

Understanding commercial real estate bridge loans can seem complicated, but it isn’t really. When someone wants to purchase a piece of commercial real estate, and needs time to undertake some task such as property improvement, finding a tenant, or selling the property, commercial real estate bridge loans can make this happen.

Financing the Small Business Start-Up – The Number One Way to Finance Your First Business

Of all the things you will have to take care of when starting your first small business (defined here as sales between $100k and $1 million in the first year) you’re going to need start-up capital. You’ll use this capital to help you with initial costs and cash flow until your business becomes profitable. Following are a few options you may have already considered: A few searches on the internet will tell you Venture Capital Firms, Angel Investors, or Private Equity Firms are a great place to start.

How Do I Get My Apartment Complex Deal Financed?

The market is flooded with distressed real estate. You already found a great deal but what do you do if you don’t have all the money to finance your project? You go to your local bank? Chances are they’ll say “No”. I’ll share with you below the most realistic way to finance your project.

Business Loans Are Not Hard To Get

Business loans to small businesses are not hard to get if you understand how to get them. Lending standards have not tightened; they are just back to where they are supposed to be. Find out why.

Are Working Capital Loans What Your Company Really Needs? What Type Of Finance Company Can Help?

Information on working capital and cash flow solutions. Loans might not be your only alternative when looking for a finance company to increase your access to liquidity for growth and survival.

Learn How Lenders Calculate the DCSR on Multifamily Deals

When applying for financing on a Multifamily commercial property the DSCR is key factor in determining whether your transaction is feasible for financing. Lenders calculate the ability of the property’s rental income to cover the proposed debt. So while an investor may consider an apartment building a great deal a lender may not think so if the DSCR is below the standard guideline (usually 1.20). As a matter of fact DSCR is the traditional way for a commercial property to qualify for financing.

Worried About The Cost Of Business Accounts Receivable Factoring? Problem Solved!

While many Canadian business owners and financial managers are accepting the significant benefits that come from business accounts receivable factoring what they continue to struggle with is the cost of this type of financing. Let’s examine the proper method of looking at this cost of financing and ways to minimize the cost with the choice of an effective partner. As a basic primer invoice financing is essentially the short term sale of your receivables, or ‘ AR’ that generates immediate cash flow and working capital for your company.

Small Business Start-Up Financing – How to Get Up to $150,000 to Start Your First Business

Believe it or not, one of the best places to get financing to open your first business is a bank. While banks are incredibly strict when lending money to first time business owners, there is a special loan program that helps them to loosen up their lending requirements. That program is called the SBA (Small Business Administration) 7(a) Loan program.

What Commercial Private Money Can Do

Commercial private money can provide solutions for the potential commercial real estate buyer who might have a less-than-perfect credit score or a small down payment to put toward a parcel of real estate. These are usually the borrowers who have been turned down by the banks and other lending institutions.

Reasons Why Businesses Apply For Business Loans

Business loans are a conventional way of financing your business. They have become accepted as the most convenient and easy way of financing businesses. Banks are the primary institutions that provide them but one does find other institutions that offer this service such as those financed by governments.

Cash Advance Business Financing: Is It Right for Your Business?

Since the economic downturn, small businesses have found it difficult to secure business loans, a fact that reflects just how much the downturn affected banks. But if you need a loan for your small business, you may be in luck. That’s because a new trend of cash advanced business financing that’s ahead of current regulation standards is helping small business owners to get their dreams off to a good start.

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