How To Network (When You Can’t Network)

Commercial Loan Modification – The Foreclosure Solution

A commercial loan modification is believed to be the solution to the problems of many owners of apartments, strip malls, warehouses, office buildings, industrial buildings and other similar properties who are discovering that vacancies are rising to record levels. The problem is that this trend is bound to remain for a long time because of the recession.

Federal Grants Empower Small Businesses

During the new depression, women have discovered their power and prowess in the business world. Similarly, recent college graduates cut-out of jobs in their specialties have found ways to cash-in on their own small businesses. In the economic meltdown, for every one man who has opened his own business, five women and two people under twenty-five have launched a new enterprise.

Dunn & Bradstreet – Love Em’ Or Hate Them, They’re a Monopoly Here to Stay

If your business is not listed with a public exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, ect.), then your business’ financial condition is an utter mystery to your potential creditors. How are they supposed to know whether or not your company pays its bills on time? How will they know what kind of financial condition your business is in? Dunn & Bradstreet tries to illuminate this mystery, but the key word is TRIES.

Commercial Loan Modification and Loss Mitigation in Today’s Economy

Is the FFIEC sending mixed signals about the economy? Not really, they are just being prudent.

Why Small Business Owners Are Happy About Extensions of SBA Programs

Recently president Obama signed a legislation that extended the SBA program when it ran out of money. There are several reasons why SBA Business Loans are so popular amongst people who borrow money for commercial reasons.

Use Commercial Lending to Grow and Prosper

Commercial lending can be a great asset to small and large businesses alike. It is a way to finance and stabilize a business if they need a little help or a little capital behind them to get started.

Building Your Dream Business – You May Need a Commercial Mortgage

Commercial real estate loans can be used to begin construction on your empire. They can be used when you have already established yourself as a success and need to add on more space to accommodate your growing clientele.

There’s Good News For People Who Need Commercial Loans to Run Small Businesses!

Recently, a legislation that received the US President’s approval has made things easier for small businesses as it extended the federal initiatives that increased the affordability of Small Business Administration loans. If you run a business, you know that there are times when you suddenly need money to pay employees, acquire assets, or meet overhead expenses. In such a case it may not be possible to go through the lengthy process of getting a loan from a lending institution that grants credit only after a lot of paperwork has been completed.

How Can an Asset Based Line of Credit Help Your Company Implement a Turnaround Strategy

An asset based line of credit is an excellent strategy for any firm who is considering viable turnaround options. This finance strategy is also an excellent way to assist a firm in understand what some of its underlying problems are. An Asset based line of credit, commonly referred to as an ‘ABL’ arrangement can be instituted even if the company is not profitable or in fact is experiencing financial duress.

Use an Apartment Loan Modification to Save Your Income – Generating Property

The demand for an apartment loan modification is projected to rise because the increasing number of unemployed people is pushing the number of vacancies in apartments to record levels. As a result, many apartment owners who are in trouble with their mortgages are looking for a way to restructure commercial real estate loans. These developments are just part of the predicted storm that will affect primarily those properties that have been purchased with the help of loans that were supported by commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS).

Can Someone Please Explain ‘Securitization’ to Me?

Securitzation is a financing term that is not commonly used by the average finance person, let alone the average lay person who has no detailed knowledge of business financing and alternative financing. The term ‘securitization’ became increasingly well known during the financial and liquidity crisis that the world experienced in 2008/2009. We discovered that one of the main causes of the world wide financial collapse was, in effect, the securitization and marketing and sale of mortgages.

Commercial Banking Can Benefit You and Your Business

If you are looking to use commercial banking you have properly got a new business or an existing business that needs funding of some sort or another. Commercial banking is normally offered by specialist commercial lenders. However, some normal day to day banks do offer business and commercial lending and services.

Construction Loan Mortgage – An Overview

Construction loan mortgages are a little different to ordinary loans and mortgages. A construction loan mortgage is what you would take out as the borrower if you needed a loan to build a home to live in or as an investment. The majority of the time, the construction loan mortgage starts life as a loan and turns into a mortgage after the construction has been fully completed.

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