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Business Working Capital Loan – Tips on Where to Get a Loan For Business

Businesses and their owners have been left with a lack of of cost-effective choices when it comes to getting business working capital. Few “traditional” sources for this type of capital remain due to the lack of credit available through banks, credit unions and other government backed sources like the SBA. However, there are options available for those business owners who need working capital loans, even if their credit is less than perfect. Read this article to find out more.

Working Capital Financing – Commercial Financing Solutions

Working Capital Financing is forever a major challenge for small and medium sized business in Canada. And that is certainly not to say that larger corporations don’t have that challenge, it’s simply a case of having more assets and resources to deal with the same challenge. As a business owner or financial manager the level of funding that you need, and the method in which you achieve that financing is really what drives the solution to your challenge.

Equipment Financing – How to Use Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a loan specifically designed to pay for your larger business equipment needs. Some examples of this might include, commercial ovens, automated machinery, machine shop tooling, generators, chillers, large format printers, car wash equipment, trucks, trailers, commercial refrigerators, molders, agricultural equipment, or any other equipment that is or can be used by a business.

Merchant Capital – How to Find the Best Source of Merchant Capital

The recent implosion of the US economy has left the retail business sector reeling in an attempt to find replacements for their traditional sources of capital. While some Banks are still offering SBA loans, very few applicants meet the required criteria. However, there are good sources of merchant capital out there. Read this article to find out what they are.

Bad Credit Small Business Loans – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It is no accident that many previously healthy retailers have fallen into tough times to with the economic implosion of the past three years. Business owners who had never previously considered themselves bad risks are have been forced to find new sources of capital. Read this article to find out which may be best for you.

Unsecured Business Financing – Building Corporate Credit Basics

Healthy corporate credit is a key to a business success and is a dream of many business owners. Building corporate credit is not hard, provided you follow certain procedures and exercise some patience.

How Involved Members Can Expedite Church Building Financing

When it is time to seek financing for a church building there are some very important things to keep in mind. First, is the money going to be used for the best long-term benefits of the church and its people? And can the financing be sought? Explore this article to see how church members can help their church qualify for church financing.

Restaurant Financing – 4 Options For Every Credit Situation

Restaurant financing was normally limited to some banks and specialty finance companies that understand the working capital needs of the restaurant industry. While the economy has forced many of these companies to cease operations or curtail their lending, options still exist, even if a business has been turned down by a bank. Read this article to find out more.

Commercial Equipment Financing Vs Equipment Leasing

Some useful information on commercial financing. Should you buy or lease your equipment?

Tips to Get a Small Business Loan

If you are an owner of a small business and you want to get some small funding to grow your business, you must ensure that all your loan documentation is in order, and are presented in an organized manner. You can look at it from your own perspective, if you are a loan official and someone comes to you to request for a loan, you definitely would want to know why that person requires the money and how exactly that person intends to repay it back.

Unsecured Business Loan – Is There Really Such a Thing?

Business retailers everywhere are clambering for credit, and many entities on the internet have rushed in to fill this demand. Many of these offers claim to have “unsecured business loans” and other seemingly enticing offers to help business people get the funding they need quickly. However, many of these companies definition of unsecured may be different from yours and mine.

Commercial Loan Modifications – Why Lenders May Do Them Now

More and more commercial property owners are upside down on their commercial loans. Learn why now is the time to seek a commercial loan modification, and why lenders are more apt to entertain the idea than ever before.

Using an Executive Summary Example Can Secure the Funding You Need

When you are ready to start a new business or make a major expansion of an exist one you will find that you are going to have to prepare an in depth business plan to present to your investors or to the bank that you want to use to finance your move. The problem with a business plan is that although it is a very important document and will be required before you can actually secure your financing, most investors do not have time to read them. Instead they want to start out with an abridged version that is much easier to read.

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