Investing in Virtual Real Estate (The Metaverse Explained)

Merchant Cash Advance – A Brief Introduction

Many small business owners have already taken advantage a merchant cash advance and all the advantages that come with it. For those who don’t know; it is a business loan alternative that is much easier and faster that a business loan and does not require collateral or good credit.

A Picture is Worth $1,000,000 Or More

So let’s talk about pictures and commercial loans. One of the key items overlooked in most commercial financing requests is pictures.

Advice to Those Seeking Commercial Debt Negotiation

What do you do when you can’t afford to pay your debts anymore? You can’t run and hide. You have to contact your creditors and let them know that you are having problems.

Business Start Up Funding Survival Secrets – Find the Money You Need Without Business Start Up Loans

Let me let you in on the secret to finding business start up funding, without the need for huge small business start up loans. It’s called Bootstrapping! Did you know that you can find free sources of start up funding?

Merchant Cash Advance Can Be Your Ace in the Hole

Owning a business can be a gamble. You invest all of your hard earned money, your valuable time and your hard work to build into the American dream of owning your own business knowing that it can either succeed or fail.

Introduction to Factoring

One of the major stumbling blocks faced by a business is the financing of it. A business requires money for various activities and purposes.

Business Cash Advance Options

Small business owners have various options when they choose the business cash advance. The business cash advance industry, which was born about a decade ago, is all about innovation and convenience for merchants. As merchants needs have grown and developed, cash advance products have also changed and developed in order to continue to meet merchants’ needs.

Getting a Business Cash Advance Just Got Easier

As a recession swept the nation, home values plummeted, consumer spending declined, unemployment rates surged and bank lending tightened dramatically. Just like the aforementioned facets of the economy, the business cash advance industry was also affected by the recession, causing providers to rethink underwriting methods and even require a little more of merchants before approving applications.

Banks Increase Loan Provisions As Recession Deepens

In response to bleak economic forecasts Canadian banks are creating more loan provisions than ever before. Small and large business owners know that they will be hard-pressed to gain much needed loans, which is why many are turning to private lenders.

How to Overcome the Top 5 Reasons Your Commercial Loans Don’t Close

Ever wonder why your commercial real estate loans don’t close? Here are the top 5 traps and how to avoid them.

How Can Asset Based Financing Advice Help Your Business?

New company looking for finance? Want help expanding into new markets? Need to grow sales? See how Asset Based Financing Advice can help you.

Start Up Business Loan Beginner’s Guide – What You Should Know Before You Borrow

If you are considering a start up business loan to finance your new venture, be certain that you have all the facts. Fully understanding the commercial loan process is paramount to making the right decision. Let’s explore the 5 key factors which shape the entire loan approval process.

Small Business Grants – How to Get Free Government Grants and Money For Business Start-Ups?

The Obama Stimulus Package 2009 has various schemes for different sections of the society. One of them is the small business grants that the Federal Government is offering. How to get the money for start ups? Are there any eligibility conditions?

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