Is 2022 THE Year to Get Into Multifamily Real Estate?

Small Business Loans – A Loan With No Collateral

Being a small business owner, it is not easy to get a business loan. Lenders will not consider them as borrowers because their income is not stable and they may be poor credit holders. Most of the business people do not have a steady flow of income and run on low profit. It becomes a challenge for the business owners to pay their business loans. Most of the banks and the financial institutions are afraid to lend them the loan because they are concerned about their repayment capability.

Why Does a Merchant Cash Advance Cost More Than a Business Loan?

The problem with traditional business loans is that they are very difficult to get… even for those with good credit. When the economy started to collapse, they simply stopped lending to small businesses.

Start Up Loan

Starting your own business is widely hailed as the best way to achieve the American dream, and other business owners will congratulate you for doing so. But you, my friend, are going to need a start up loan, and the people who’ve just patted you on the back will probably tell you that obtaining a start up loan was the biggest challenge they met when starting their own businesses.

Factoring Versus a Small Business Loan

Most small business owners today are looking for new and innovative ways to improve their cash flow. In the past, they went to a bank first. But unfortunately with today today’s tight credit market, this approach is not very successful.

Cap Rates and the Impact on Self-Storage Properties

In a downturn, which apparently we can expect like clockwork every 7-10 years, the constraint in the financial markets continues and commercial lending remains sluggish. Banks are unsure of values and even whether they have sufficient assets to cover their liabilities, thus they are reticent to lend.

Purchase Order Finance – How Your Customer Orders Can Be Used to Pay Your Supplier

When a business owner finally starts getting bigger orders, he often gets a headache when he realizes that he needs to finance those orders, not so easy in today’s tight finance environment. In this article, you’ll find out about purchase order finance, an important alternative finance strategy that will allow you to receive customer orders and pay your suppliers using little of your own money.

Business Financing – The Internet Opens Up Unique Small Opportunities

In good economic times, it can often be difficult to obtain a small business loan. But, when times are tough, it becomes nearly impossible to convince a bank to take a risk on a small to mid-sized business.

Small Business Finance – The Next Big Banking Problem?

Banks and other lenders have experienced both poor operating results and negative publicity for the past year or more. While both politicians and bankers would like to portray banks as healthy, the commercial lending practices displayed by most banks tell a different story. Now it is only reasonable to determine if more big problems are lurking in the wings for commercial banking.

Bridging Finance – Can it Be a Life Saver For You?

The best bridging finance, or bridging finance loans, occurs when an individual business owner needs money between the sale of one asset and the purchase of another. In a perfect world, we would rather live debt free and we also would like one property to sell exactly at the same time we are buying another. This does not always happen because it is not a perfect world and here where the idea of looking for bridging finance company has to appear. Read more to discover the hidden information.

The Irony of Small Business Loans

If you are considering getting a small business loan, you have probably experienced the irony of trying to get money to start your business: the only time that you seem to be able to get money is when you already have it. In this article, we will explore this issue and look at your options to get financing for your small business.

Merchant Cash Advance – A New Way to Borrow Money

Despite receiving millions of dollars in bailout funding from the federal government, America’s largest banks are still not lending. In a November report for the Boston Globe, HIS Global Insight analyst Brian Bethune said banks with frozen assets clogging their books do not have the funds available for lending. “They’re not really anxious to do that sort of business,” Bethune said.

Small Business Loans For Women

So-called microfinance programs often target women in poverty stricken areas. That is because many of the businesses women in poor areas want to start are very simple and do not require huge up-front investments.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work

If you’re a small business owner and you need quick cash for capital uses, one of the options you may have are merchant cash advances. Although this is an industry that started only about 10 years ago, today, more than 50 providers are available to those who need quick capital access.

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