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Why Would You Trust a Bank More Than a Merchant Cash Advance Provider For Your Business Financing?

I’ve been in this business long enough to have many conversations with our customers and non-customers alike. I am often struck with how many of our prospective customers are concerned about taking our money because they are having trouble trusting us.

A Merchant Cash Advance is a Business Loan Alternative

There has been some debate as to whether or not a merchant cash advance could take the place of traditional funding methods in the future. While they do offer many benefits over bank loans, they will never take their place.

Legal Considerations Regarding a Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a service that many small businesses decide to exercise. Before engaging in a transaction with a provider, it is wise to understand some law implications. Read the following article to further your insight.

Merchant Cash Advance Steps in During Recession to Save Small Businesses

The global credit crisis has seen banks struggling with cash deficit. Small businesses have obviously been badly hit with lower sales and difficult loan approvals from banks. The Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) industry has saved many small businesses by providing loans that are approved based on the future performance of the business rather than its current financial situation.

Commercial Loan Modification – Bring Down the Mortgage Installments

A commercial loan modification is a form of loan modification where the mortgage of the property is under the name of a business rather than an individual. A commercial loan modification is ‘modifying’ the terms of payment on all or any of the following…

Business Loans For Women – Finance Your Business Requirements With Ease and Comfort

When you need instant funds to expand or promote your business then you can take business loans for women into consideration and grab swift funds without facing any trouble. This loan facility is available in both secured and unsecured form.

How to Locate Financing For Hard to Place, Government Or Corporate Invoice Factoring

It is not about your credit score when trying to locate Accounts Receivable Financing. The decisions are based on the credit rating of the company who you are invoicing.

Guarantors For Business Loans

From the lender’s perspective, a personal guaranty ensures the personal and business interests of the owners are equivalent. If the business entity defaults on the loan, the guarantor promises to make cure the default.

Business Loan Online – Super Important Benefits of Getting These Loans For Most Business Owners

Are you wondering why you should go online for business loan? This is usually the thought of many people, especially those that have not seen the benefits of going for these types of loans. Many are used to the traditional or conventional ways of borrowing money and have found it difficult to accept the new online process, despite the many outstanding benefits.

Business Loan Online – Important Reasons Why You Need it

To apply for business online loans to boost your business is not tedious. Sometimes it’s as simple as just filling in the application for the amount of money you need on the websites of lending companies. Too much paper work is not required in the process, as is the case with offline banks. The approvals of these loans are usually quick and instant as well.

Business Equipment Finance

When starting out a new business one of the things you need to consider is the overheads. This is a problem at the start of the business, when you have yet to make any money from your great idea and yet need to buy all of the initial equipment you’re going to need and promise a regular salary to any employees.

7 Powerful Ways to Finance Your Business Today Without Banks

How to find new sources of capital in today’s challenging economy, without using your banker. 7 powerful ways to improve your business’ cash flow at relatively no cost.

The Commercial Property Loan – Why Can’t You Find One?

Can commercial property owners use their knowledge of the current economic situation to find and negotiate a better commercial property loan? Here we separate facts from fiction…

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