Pace Morby’s 5 Questions That Led to 500+ Real Estate Deals

Michael Moore Says Its a Great Time To Be A Real Lender

Michael Moore recently made the argument, during a CNBC interview, that the future Steve Jobs could be out there, with the next idea to advance our society, but the big banks are not lending to small businesses or entrepreneurs, so we may never see it. Long term credit can be extremely cheap, if you have the right relationships and know how to present your package properly.

How To Apply For An Online Business Loan

Trying to start or expand a business, and need a loan or line of credit? Whether you qualify for a bank loan or not depends on many factors including the specific bank you’re applying at, as well as the type of business you’re running. This article will help you get things in order before you apply for your loan.

Who Are The Commercial Mortgage Lenders?

Commercial mortgage brokers have many sources of capital to choose from when placing a commercial mortgage request with a lender. Who are these lenders, and which is best for your particular needs?

What Do Commercial Mortgage Underwriters Look For?

The lending industry as a whole has changed quite a bit over the last five years. Commercial lending hasn’t been immune to the many changes affecting the industry. Here is a summary of what commercial lenders look for when deciding on approving a commercial mortgage loan or not.

Never Give a Lender a Security Interest in Something You Can’t Live Without

Lenders often demand far more security than they need when a business borrower seeks a loan. While this may be a prudent and cautious lending strategy for banks, it can prove disastrous for a business borrower or guarantor who pledges personal collateral for the loan.

Alternative Financing Strategies In A Slow Market

Business loans are still hard to get in this slow market. But, if you are still seeking capital, try these alternative funding strategies.

Find a Reliable Bail Bond Company

The bail bonds industry is a lot like any other industry currently available to the public in the sense that not all businesses or companies operate in an honest manner. How do you know if the services you are offered are feasibly legitimate or if you may be getting swindled by someone offering to help you?

Commercial Mortgage Refinance Loan Options in 2011 and Beyond

Its painfully well known that the last 3 years have been difficult in the commercial lending business. Borrower’s commercial loan options have been limited and most have been difficult to close. We discuss the various commercial mortgage refinance options, that are available now and that will likely be available in 2012 below.

5 Things You Need To Know About Commercial Finance

Most people, especially “first time buyers”, tend to think only in terms of approaching their own banks when it comes to arranging finance. There are, however, other sources of commercial finance. There are Commercial mortgage Lenders, Asset Finance Lenders, Lenders that specialise in factoring/invoice discounting, lenders that can provide finance based on existing pensions, refinancing of existing commercial finance and much, much more.

Is Now The Time For You To Purchase Commercial Real Estate?

Many small business owners struggle with the decision to purchase commercial real estate for their business or to continue renting. The current commercial real estate break down has left many with strong reservations.

Commercial Mortgage Loans in 2011

The guidelines for commercial mortgage loans, as well as other types of commercial lending, have changed considerably in the last five years. Commercial mortgage guidelines are stricter with regard to: appraisals, down payments and property types. The types of properties in favor now, include: apartment buildings, owner occupied business properties, and investor properties with larger down payments.

Low Interest Personal Loans For Your Easy Access

It is very much difficult to find out a bank or, a money lending company who will provide you low-interest-personal-loans in this poor socioeconomic condition of the business world. But, don’t give up, every problem has a solution. If you are quite unable to bear the load of huge interest then, there are some sources from which you may get low interest loans.

Contract Loan Processing Is The Solution That Many Businesses Seek

There are different ways through which a business can process a loan, but the best and most popular method are contract loan processing. It is a new concept that is helping companies accomplish their goals in the area of loans.

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