Private Equity Real Estate Interview Mental Math Questions (& Answers)

Investment Bank – What They Do, and How They Do It!

You need to call on an investment banker when your business expansion calls for larger doses of capital. They’ll put you in the big league of financiers.

Commercial Loans – How Long it Takes to Get Financing

There are specialized financial companies that provide securities based loans to investors looking to maximize the potential of their existing publicly traded securities through their Pledged Asset Loan (PAL’s) program. These clients are seeking liquidity for personal or business use without having the need to sell their existing securities. The goal is to deliver customized, innovative financing solutions to individuals and businesses seeking an alternative to the direct sale of their securities. We are able to provide this financing in a fast, streamlined manner with minimal paperwork in as little as a few days.

When Commercial Loan Refinancing Makes Good Financial Sense

Are you considering commercial loan refinancing? Review your current situation and the options available in tandem to determine when doing so makes good financial sense.

Commercial Loan Workout and Short Sales As Alternatives For Distressed Property Owners

Distressed property owners may consider a commercial loan workout as a potential solution when they realize that their properties may become foreclosed. This is to be expected during an economic downturn because the income that is generated by assets, such as hotels, apartments, strip malls, motels, office buildings and warehouses, will naturally go down. Because more people are out of work and underemployed, the number of hotel guests, apartment renters and others, is substantially decreased.

Commercial Loan Workouts to Rescue Distressed Strip Malls From Foreclosure

For strip mall owners who are concerned that their properties may be foreclosed, salvation may come in the form of commercial loan workouts. What is needed is a strip mall loan modification that will make some adjustments to help the owner avoid default. Examples of these changes are the deferment of payments for a certain period of time, a decrease in the principal amount, and the reduction of interest rates.

How Factoring Can Help Your Business in the Present Economy

In April 2010, firms with lower than 50 personnel had a net of 1,000 jobs, as documented last Wednesday from payroll processor ADP, Fortune 500. 4,000 jobs opened in its very first month with the upswing which started out in which small enterprises had got to expand payrolls in almost two years. There’s still a big work shortcoming.

Alternative and Non-Bank Financing – Don’t Be Afraid!

Despite the tight credit environment, there are many alternative and non-bank financing options available to companies that need a cash infusion. However, business owners often shy away from non-bank financing because they don’t understand it.

Dental Practice Financing

If you intend to buy an existing dental practice, there is no reason to think that you cannot do so. Looking at acquiring an existing practice would help you steer clear of an assortment of pitfalls associated with starting a practice from scratch, and this would thereby allow you to channel your efforts in what you do best, which is to provide your patients with exemplary dental care.

SBA and Disaster Assistance Considered

What kind of grade should we give the Small Business Administration or SBA for their work in disaster assistance? First of all, the SBA is very much involved after large natural disasters helping small businesses, and citizens get low interest loans, or even partial grants to help with the rebuilding of their communities. This is considered a good thing, but is the SBA the right agency to fulfill this commitment, and promise to the American people after such a disaster?

Small Business Lending – Credit Unions Vs Banks

Credit unions want authority to do more business lendings. Banks don’t want them to have it. This is at a time when financing for small businesses is very hard to find.

Merchant Loans – An Overview

Merchant Loans are business funding alternatives that have been specifically designed to cater to the needs of merchants and small to medium businesses alike. You can easily get quick cash or money, satisfying service and constantly renewable funds each and every time.

Business Cash Advance Fundamentals

What are business cash advances? This is a question asked by business tycoons and businessmen in dire need of money. They are different from loans. Loans have numerous requirements that a borrower or debtor must comply with.

Semi Truck Finance – Bad Credit

Did you know that if you are interested in purchasing a semi truck, it is now easier than ever to find the perfect one for your business, dealership, or fleet, even in these tough economic times. If you are a company driver and you are tired of all the nonsense you have to deal with working for someone else, you should definitely consider getting your own transportation business.

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