The True Value of Invoice Factoring Companies

The invoice factoring company buys your accounts receivables at a discount. Then they give you cash up front to a certain percentage of the amount your customers owe you.

Is It Time for Crowd Source Funding Standardization – Yes, But Hurry Up!

Getting new capital to start a business is difficult enough but imagine running a business that is successful and you wish to expand, but no bank will lend you the money. Why should they take the risk in such an uncertain economy? No banker in his right mind would, and they will only loan you money if you don’t need it, but if you don’t need it, you probably wouldn’t be asking in that case would you? Such is probably the entrepreneur’s dilemma, in every sense of the word.

Best Way to Finance a Commercial Solar Energy Project

Many industries are discovering the benefits of installing solar power systems to save money on energy while offering protection to our fragile environment. Solar power has benefited schools, government and municipal clients, corporations, water districts, housing developments and commercial real estate endeavors, utilities and more. Since switching to a solar powered energy represents a large capital outlay for most businesses, it is important to choose a financing vehicle that allows your business to maximize incentives and rebates while protecting resources and managing risk.

Are You Committed to Your Business?

There are two common ways of taking money out of a business for personal use. The first is by paying yourself a salary because you work in your business. As the General Manager, the MD or the CEO, your salary is a valid business expense.

Commercial Loan Mistakes and Problems

Some commercial loan mistakes and problems can be anticipated and either avoided or minimized with appropriate action. Here are three common difficulties experienced by many small businesses.

Government Funds Aim To Improve UK SME Growth

Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) -This is a loan scheme designed to enable additional lending to viable SME’s which lack security or a proven track record for commercial loans. The Government provides the lender with a 75% guarantee on each individual loan.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance used for a business. If you are planning to put up your own business, then keep in mind that it is a very important investment that you should make. Take note that you can use it as a protection for your business when there is potential loss.

Choosing A Reputable Factoring Receivables Company

So how do you select one from factoring receivables companies that won’t make your financial situation worse? Here are five things to look for.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting

Factoring in its basic form is a way of financing your business by assignining invoices to a factoring company in return for an advance of up to 90% of the gross value of the assigned invoices. Invoice Discounting is a similar facilty to factoring. With factoring, the factoring company manages the sales ledger, they issue statements, reminder letters and receive payments directly from the customers. There are currently over forty factoring and invoice finance companies operating in the UK at the moment. They can be divided into three groups. Those larger operators that are owned by the large UK Banks such as Barclays. A second group that are owned by non UK Banks and smaller Banks. And a third group that are either privately owned, listed on the London Stock Exchange or subsidiaries of finance companies.

The Factoring “Lock Box”

As the eyes and ears for a Factoring/Financing company, it is interesting to be involved and surrounded by new terminology, as it is in any industry. My quandary today was, when involved in a conference call, describing a factoring “lock box” through the financing bank. Here was the dilemma: This certain company is working on a contract with us involving buying their accounts receivable.

How to Calculate Your Commercial Mortgage Debt Coverage Service Ratio DSCR = NOI/Total Debt Service

Let’s talk about a common misunderstanding made by borrowers when researching and applying for a commercial mortgage loan is how they calculate Net Operating Income (NOI). Many borrowers do not realize that commercial lenders use actual expenses plus anticipated holdbacks (i.e.

Think Outside the Bank – Project Financing

Monetization Financing will have you thinking outside the bank. This funding mechanism can be utilized by all municipalities and corporations to fund their project with no out of pocket expense.

Staying Afloat With an Accounts Receivable Factoring Company

There are ways to thrive even during times when you don’t have the cash flow you need. Here’s how an accounts receivable factoring company can help you out.

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