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Will a Merchant Loan Work For Me?

Merchant loans have proved to be excellent sources of business financing for many small business owners, but it’s no surprise that many merchants want to know whether a merchant loan is actually right for them before they embark upon the merchant loan journey. In order to find out if a merchant cash advance is best for your business, it is important to understand exactly how it works and what requirements you need to meet for it to work for you.

7 Tips For a Successful Business Loan

Money tends to rate high up on the list of needs for people planning on starting or moving into business ownership. Here’s 7 tips if you need start up financing for your business.

Corporate Credit Helps Business Growth

Starting your own corporation can be a big task in itself, and establishing corporate credit in order to financially support your corporation can be even more difficult. Many banks these days are very selective with the corporations that they choose to work with. If you have just started a small business and it is very new, you aren’t going to have much luck with getting good corporate credit.

Why I Got a Merchant Loan

Maybe you’ve been considering getting a merchant loan, but you’re still a little unsure about whether it’s your best option. You’ve heard a lot about merchant cash advances, but you really want to know if and how it can help your business, before you actually apply.

Government Grants and Loans For Small Business – Money You Never Repay

Do you have a business idea and need a government grant or small business loan to get off the ground running? Getting the cash you need to launch your new venture is possible through these government programs, and by applying for them you can get money to help you business succeed and never have to pay it back.

Equity Injection Vehicles – 401(k) And Other Retirement Plan Rollovers Under the SBA’s SOP 50-10(5)

It is no secret that documenting equity injection for SBA loans can be a painstaking task. Borrowers are increasingly providing equity injection in the form of qualified rollovers of their existing 401(k), profit sharing plan or other qualified retirement account (collectively referred to herein as QRAs). To document this form of equity injection, lenders must conduct a unique analysis.

Little Known Facts About Merchant Loans

Most people know that merchant loans are an alternative method of business financing for owners of retail and/or service-oriented businesses. They know that merchant loans are easy to qualify for and they understand that they come with a flexible repayment procedure that goes with the flow of a business’s sales.

Merchant Cash Advance – Financial Resources For the Little Guys

What happens if you want your business to grow? If you were the president of a large corporation, you would have many resources at your disposal. But what if you are the owner of a small business that is barely making it? What can you do that would give you an advantage over your competition?

Property Development Finance

Businesses which are looking to develop a piece of land will often need to acquire a property development finance loan. In most situations a property development finance loan is the best option for businesses with these needs because it splits the payouts up to accommodate the different stages of property development. In many situations this allows lenders to offer a property development finance loan at a slightly lower interest rate than traditional commercial financing.

Debt-Free Business Financing With No Loss of Ownership Or Control

Is there a form of business finance that is debt-free, involves no loss of ownership or control, is quick, still readily available, grows as fast as my company, and has no minimum time in business or collateral requirements? Yes, there is. It’s called factoring.

Merchant Loan Or SBA Loan?

The recession has sent many small business owners on a rollercoaster ride when it comes to securing funds for their businesses. First, in 2008, small business owners saw bank lending standards tighten dramatically, making it almost impossible to get a bank business loan. Recently, laws were passed to regulate consumer credit providers, in attempt to decrease consumer debt. Unfortunately, many credit card companies raised rates on business credit cards to compensate. As a result, some merchants were forced to close their credit cards while others had their lines of credit taken away from them.

What Does a Business Debt Loan Entail?

Debt is part of business operations. It is highly inevitable and in any case, it is recommendable to borrow for the purpose of expanding your business. However, if you do not control or manage your liabilities carefully, they could sprawl out of control.

Small Business Start Ups – Tips on Securing a Loan

Preparing to meet with the bank for the first attempt of securing a business loan can be a daunting prospect for any new entrepreneur. If you are prepared you will have less to worry about and will be able to relay your situation and business needs more effectively.

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