Business Loan Packaging 101 – What Is the SBA?

The purpose of this article is to inform and education business owners and entrepreneurs on the basics of the Small Business Administration from a business financing perspective. Also, included in the article is a brief overview of the 7(a) and 504 loan guarantee programs in addition to the types of lenders that participate in these loan guarantee programs.

Business Loan Packaging 101 – Personal Credit Report

The focus of this article is to inform and educate business owners and entrepreneurs on the significance of understanding their personal credit report for inclusion within the business loan package in order to obtain bank financing. In understanding their personal credit report, the entrepreneur has to incorporate a couple of strategies in order to have clarity of the content of their personal credit report, but also to present this content in the most optimal way to the banker.

Small Business Loan Packaging 101

This article gives a concise, yet POWERFUL overview of the importance of the business loan package for securing bank financing. The key purpose of the business loan package is to demonstrate to the lending source that you grasp a comprehensive understanding of your business and the return on investment that the financing will have for your business.

Getting Small Business Administration Loans With Recent Changes

Obtaining a commercial mortgage for your business used to be rather difficult. However, many barriers for approval of today’s small business administration loans have been removed, allowing for the SBA loan program to flourish.

SBA Disaster Loans Vs SBA Traditional Loans

Confusion often exists regarding the loan programs of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The uncertainties center on where to apply, how to apply, and what types of loans are available.

What You Need to Know About Invoice Factoring

So you are considering Invoice Factoring for your company and you have never done it before; what should you expect? For the sake of clarification, Invoice Factoring is a term which was originally used to describe when a company actually sold their receivables to a finance company at a discounted rate and the purchaser of those receivables was responsible to collect and there was no recourse to the seller. While this type of scenario still exists today, it is not very popular as the cost associated with this type of arrangement is considerably higher than Accounts Receivable Financing, which is now considered to be Accounts Receivable Factoring.

Business Loans for Companies With Bad Credit

If your company has poor credit or no credit at all, it can be a real challenge to get any kind of financing but it can be possible. If you are looking for Cashflow Financing, Business Equipment Financing or Business Loans for Companies with Bad Credit, you will need to show that you have relatively stable inflows of funds to your company.

Top 5 Things to Know About Freight Factoring

If you are moving loads across town or across the continent you know the issues you face on a daily basis with respect to covering your working capital needs. Freight Factoring can help alleviate some of those issues with respect to covering the costs of paying for fuel, insurance, maintenance, licensing and tolls. Freight Factoring can be a solution to cure some of these problems.

Business Loans – Information for Business Owners

Many loan options are provided by lenders/credit providers to business owners. You can obtain commercial bill facility, overdraft facility, line of credit, etc. But before you apply for a business loan, make sure that you prepare a business plan. It will be of great help in choosing the right finance product.

Small Business Loan Calculator Features and Benefits

Discover the benefits of mastering the benefits of your small business loan calculator which can help set up your business debt to best suit your commercial real estate and business operations. The more you learn about these options pertaining to commercial loans, the better suited you’ll be when it comes to negotiating commercial loans.

Benefits Of Hiring A Leasing Professional

If you have been involved in the corporate world for quite a bit of time, you may be familiar with the fact that in order to expand your business belonging to any particular niche to new horizons, finding an office is probably one of the foremost steps that you need to accomplish. There is no argument over the fact that finding an appropriate place for an office is not as easy of a task as it may appear to be. With such a huge variety of options available in the market, it is certainly a remarkable choice to…

Prime Mortgage Rates and Mobile Home Park Financing

Understanding key indicators that push mortgage rates up and down can help you better determine timing and when to enter and exit the real estate industry. Discover a few key points to ponder before your next move into the real estate arena.

Investment Property Loans: Perks, Pitfalls, and Pointers

There are many types of investment property loans to choose from in the commercial lending arena. Understanding necessary steps in filtering through the many mortgage companies to obtaining the best commercial mortgage rates can pay huge dividends if done right.

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