The 3 Phases of Value Add Real Estate Investing

Small Business Loans

It is an absolute necessity for any business, whether it is big or small, to depend on financial loans. Especially for small business entrepreneurs arranging small business loans and selecting the proper source are all not difficult. It is imperative to take the loan from the reliable source with minimum interest rate on it. The loan amount will surely depend on the borrowing ability of the loaner.

Motel Loans – What to Expect

Motel loans can be difficult to fund for a couple of different reasons. For example, motels are often located in small towns or in rough area’s which cannot support larger, flagged hotels. Further the exterior corridor of most motels also is a negative feature that adds additional risk for the lender. As far as loan options, owners should expect to see local conventional, SBA loans and a few CMBS options.

Bed and Breakfast Loans – What’s Still Available

Bed & breakfast loans can be difficult to fund. Lenders tend to shy away from this property category for a couple of reasons. For example, bed and breakfasts are often located in small rural location which adds additional risk. Lack of lodging experience on the borrowers part often further complicate the matter as many people have the dream of retiring into the B & B business after a long career of doing something else.

Daycare Center Loans

Loans for daycare centers or more specifically, commercial mortgages for daycare centers typically have a few challenges that set it apart from most. The special use nature of the property and relative high foreclosure rate make many lenders very cautious with in this industry. The management experience is critical and underwriting will spend a considerable amount of time getting a feel for the borrowers experience at running a business – and less concern over their credentials at caring for children. However, borrowers with good experience, credit, liquidity etc do have multiple options for their daycare center loan.

Found Some Gas Stations For Sale? Try Getting SBA Financing NOW!

Financing gas stations and convenience stores has gotten more difficult with recent SBA guidelines changes. Make sure you are dealing with companies that are aware of all these changes so you don’t possibly lose your deal or your money!

Financing Gas Stations

Financing gas stations are complicated due to the single use nature of the property, environmental issues and subsequently the limited pool of banks and lenders that want to fund on this property type. Some lenders will simply not look at gas stations while others will be so conservative that it would save everyone time and effort if they just didn’t bother quoting on gas stations to begin with.

All About Commercial Bridge Loans

A commercial bridge loan is a great way to secure temporary financing on a commercial property. A bridge loan is a mainly designed for of financing that is used when a borrower is expecting to sell a property quickly or refinance it within the near future. A good commercial loan lender can offer loans on a variety of commercial properties including apartments, retail, industrial, office, health care and mixed use.

No Financials Required – Commercial Lending

No financial required! Immediate cash tomorrow for you accounts receivables! Many people have seen these claims. Why this isn’t the best route for financing.

Restaurant Loans, Franchise Vs Non Franchise

Many borrowers are surprised to learn that they may actually have more options on restaurant loan options for free standing, non franchise properties than franchise restaurants. With conventional financing and SBA loans it’s almost a no brainer to go the franchise route. However, many CMBS lenders will not consider restaurant mortgages if the business is tied to a franchise agreement.

Current Car Wash Loan Options

Looking for options on car wash loans? You’ll probably find that you have limited options as most of the national banks and lenders that use to lend within this building type have pulled out due to the “credit crisis”. Car wash facilities that are strictly self serve and located in smaller towns will have additional challenges finding decent cash wash loan options.

Small Business Loans Bad Credit – Help Omit The Credit Barrier

Small business loans bad credit is that financial help which enables you get right financial back- up at your business plan. These loans have both the options of secured and unsecured to provide the help.

How A Commercial Mortgage Can Help You In Negations With Sellers

Sophisticated real estate investors can use their knowledge of private commercial mortgage lending to negotiate with sellers. Savvy buyers can get superior prices and terms when they know how to close a deal in weeks instead of months.

Unsecured Business Loans – For Small Funding of the Trade

Without putting any property for collateral, these loans can be useful in borrowing for variety of purposes like paying off old debts immediately, purchasing equipments, machinery and raw material, office furniture etc. The repayment can be made as per your convenience in few months to 15 years.

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