The BIGGEST Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Right Now

Laminating Machine Financing – An Overview

Laminating machines are required by many companies nowadays to protect important documents from wear and tear due to daily use. Credit cards, identity cards, certificates and other such important objects need to be preserved in such a way so that they are in a usable condition for many years to come.

Changes For Business Finance and Working Capital Loan Programs

One of the most critical trends effecting small business finance programs and working capital loans has been the extent to which changes have occurred recently. The multiple and rapid changes now being experienced with commercial loans are likely to result in confusion for most commercial borrowers.

Gas Station Loans – SBA Financing Just Got a Little More Tolerable

Now that the SBA has loosened their lending regulations, getting gas station loans should be a little easier. If you’re looking for gas station financing, make sure you’re dealing with companies that specialize in this asset class.

Competitive Advantage – What Gets a Lender’s Attention

I was thinking about our economic times and what industries are currently being impacted the most: restaurants, construction companies, independent contractors, spas, salons, etc. I then decided to focus on the Positive. What industries and companies ARE banks lending to?

Alternative Sources of Commercial Mortgages

Borrowers need to realize that there are other sources of capital besides their local bank. Life insurance companies, government backed programs, non bank lenders and foreign banks/lenders can provide some interesting commercial mortgages.

Business and Industry Loans – B and I Loans in a State of Confusion

Though we are seeing some real signs of stabilization within the commercial mortgage business, the USDA’s B and I program seems to be in a complete state of confusion. Business owners and investors are warned to be very careful with depending on the B and I loans as the recently announced that they have “run out of money”.

Medical Property Loans

Doctors, Dentists, etc, still have a broad range of finance options, despite the current credit crisis. For example 90% financing for medical property loans, on purchases and refinances when collateralized by commercial real estate is still available.

Small Business Loans – Easy Funds at Easy Terms and Conditions

Small business loans are basically unsecured in nature. These loans can be availed without pledging any collateral. As per your need and requirement, you can acquire these loans without any hassles.

Business Loans in Canada – Accounts Receivable Factoring

Recently an Importer in Ontario Canada after having exhausted its efforts in seeking a Business Loan from its local banks in Toronto, Ontario, Canada looked to a Commercial Finance Broker. Their customers are all across Canada and they have plans to expand into the US market and due to growing orders they had been maxing out their Operating Line of Credit consistently. Their bank had then capped at $50,000 and would not increase it.

Commercial Mortgage Lonas – Here’s How to Approach Potential Lenders

When attempting to secure a commercial mortgage loan, first impressions are very important. Often you will only be allowed one chance to capture a lenders attention and get them interested in your deal.

Business Credit and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

All business loan applicants have some degree of protection against unlawful discrimination under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This act makes it illegal for lenders to deny your loan application on the basis of race or sex.

Gas Station Financing – How to Tell If a Site Has Environmental Issues

If you’re looking at gas stations for sale, make sure you find out if the site has environmental issues. Gas station financing can be problematic and almost impossible if a site has an environmental issue and is currently not being remediated or monitored. Save time, money and aggravation by investigating before you apply for a gas station loan.

Laboratory Equipment Financing Options For Growth

From the Greeks to the shamans and the scientists, everyone has tried to better the world of human life, well, most of them. The medical health has undergone a great amount of change in past decades, all thanks to the advancements it has made in terms of scientific analysis.

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