The Biggest Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Right Now

Vacancy Rate Rising – It May Be Time For a Strip Mall Loan Modification

With the vacancy rate for strip malls rising steadily since the last quarter of 2006, for some owners, it may be time to consider a strip mall loan modification. More vacancies mean less income and the possibility that the owner would no longer be able to afford the mortgage payments. Thus, a commercial mortgage renegotiation is often relied on as a way to avoid foreclosure.

How Merchant Cash Advances Can Increase Sales

Are you looking for ways to increase sales? Would you benefit from a loan in order to benefit your business? Read the following article about a business solution that may be right for you.

An Introduction to Government Small Business Grants

Establishing a small business is an expensive affair. You will find people hunting for financing options to help establish their business. There are innumerable options that will help you establish your business and government small business grants is one among them.

Project Financing For 2010

Is your search for project financing not very positive? There are options that you may not have considered. Today, banks are generally the worst place to be successful in finding the funding necessary to develop your project, whether you are in North America, South America, The European Union, Asia, Australia or anywhere in between. So what is the answer? Quite simply stated Private Equity Financing. That being said, there are many private equity firms that cannot perform worldwide, despite their claims. You need to protect yourself from these firms who will do nothing but waste your time and at the end; you do not get the funding you need.

Small Business Finance Success Improves With Realistic Options

As emphasized in this article, it is becoming increasingly critical for small business owners to first determine their effective working capital management options when making business financing decisions. This task is likely to be much more difficult than most business borrowers expect because of recent volatility in financial markets.

Industrial Loan Modifications Expected to Increase in Number

Industrial loan modifications are predicted to increase in number as the financial crisis starts to affect not just residential homes but commercial buildings too. There are concerns that the income-generating real estate market could be the next bubble to burst because of the large number of mortgages that are about to reach their end of term, at which time large balloon payments become due.

Commercial Bridge Loans in Today’s Environment

As balloon mortgages become due many small commercial banks will be taking back much of their own portfolio loans. As a result, brokers will need to help their existing commercial clients obtain commercial bridge loans to pay off their existing commercial loan.

Business Lending Bank Survey

If you’re a business owner who’s applied for credit lately, you know first hand that banks have become tightfisted. Even if your company already has great credit and has lines of credit established, you could still be having a hard time getting the money you need from your bank.

The Process Known As Credit Evaluation

When applying for loans, there is a need to undergo credit evaluation. In order to be approved, one must take note of some important matters.

Unsecured Business Loans to Reinstate Your Commercial Ventures

Unsecured business loans are proffered without taking any of the applicant’s property as collateral. Unsecured commercial or unsecured business loans are thus provided exclusively on the basis of repayment capability and the past record of the borrower.

Endless Possibilities to Obtain Free Government Grants

Federal grants are now awarded literally for any purpose, business or personal. You can enjoy the freedom as you need not pay the grant amount back, but there are many grants that go in vain, just because none applied for them and cannot be blamed for as they never knew the existence and availability of such grants. The wise idea is not to let free money go away in vain, as this money can be used for some sound reason.

The New Normal For Small Business Financing and Working Capital Management

With business financing options changing significantly during the past two years, it is appropriate to review what the “new normal” looks like so that small business owners will be prepared to cope with the challenges they now face with commercial lenders. Business borrowers are more likely to find commercial financing success by quickly accepting the fact that a “new normal” way of doing things has emerged.

Small Business Loans – What Types Exist?

Successfully managing or owning a small business can be incredibly challenging in any economy, but today’s market requires companies to be very competitive and constantly evolving to meet multiple challenges. Entrepreneurs often report that their most significant challenge involves cash flow and capital and many businesses that have never borrowed before are discovering the need for small business loans. One of the most common types of small business loans is a fixed rate and fixed repayment installment loan that either uses equipment or inventory as collateral or is unsecured.

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