Tips for Private Investors and Hard Money Lenders

Private lending also known as hard money lending satisfies the gap left by conventional banks. While private lenders have relaxed credit requirements and enjoy higher returns, they carry higher nonpayment risks. Some have adopted prudent lending techniques recently to minimize risk while others continue to practice the same old, riskier lending techniques to their peril. Inexperienced investors and lenders have been lured to invest in this lucrative but largely unregulated sub sector with promises of high returns that in many instances are never realized. As an investor or private lender, you must acquaint yourself with basic lending principles and, if in doubt, engage a credible loan underwriter to help you.

Tips For Analyzing Tax Returns and Personal Financial Statements

Analysis of tax returns and financial statements can be daunting. Lenders spend long hours analyzing them in an attempt to arriving at a near-accurate cash flow position of a borrower. A tax return contains numerous schedules and statements, all of which have to be combed through. An inexperienced credit analyst can easily understate a borrower’s cash flow and in the process deny the loan and vice versa. This is an art that must not be taken lightly. The following is one of a series of my five lending tips for lenders and useful insights for borrowers as well.

Tips For Borrowing Causes Part 2

Before applying for a loan, a borrower should be clear as to the reasons that may have caused the need for a loan. Lenders examine these causes in detail to determine whether they are legitimate, seasonal, temporary or permanent in nature. No prudent lender will lend money based on collateral availability or repayment ability alone. A lender must be satisfied that the borrowing causes meet the basic principles of lending and most importantly, their own lending policies. The following is one of a series of my five lending tips for lenders and useful insights for borrowers as well. The others are Borrowing Causes Part 1, What is Relationship Banking?, Account Receivable Pledged As Collateral, Balance Sheet Assets Pledged As Collateral and Analyzing Tax Returns and Personal Financial Statement.

Merchant Cash Advance – The Best Way to Get Quick Working Capital

We all know how difficult it is to get approvals for a fast business loan to tide over the immediate and long term capital issues that businesses routinely face. Now you don’t have to face the excruciating uncertainly of whether your loan application would be approved or rejected. Merchant cash advance is here. It works better than fast business loans. You can get approved for as much as $250,000 in cash within no time.

Why Factoring Is Important to Your Staffing Business

The most common reason a staffing company would finance its accounts receivable is to create more available working capital to operate their business. Generally, staffing employees or contractors expect to be paid weekly, yet client invoice payments are typically received from 30 – 60+ days from the invoice date. By utilizing factoring, the staffing company will receive cash right away that can help them meet their short-term working capital needs, including payroll, payroll taxes, and other cash requirements.

Where To Look For Your Business Loan

Where are you supposed to look for a business loan after your bank has turned you down? There are more options then you might think.

Business Loans Reviews – Basic Tips on Getting a Business Loan

It is quite often that a starting entrepreneur gets denied with an application for a loan. While others may be successful with their loans, they may also find themselves dealing with strings attached to the arrangement. In getting an application, business owners must realize that investors and banks operate under standard principles when lending money for business. Below are the basic steps that you should consider in getting that much needed loan for starting your business.

Why Is Using External Mortgage Loan Processors Beneficial for Owners of Small Enterprises?

Mortgage loan processors are major participators in the housing industry. Their work does not only involve courtesy and expertise when dealing with different clients. Processors are also expected to comply with many federal and state policies.

A Loan Processing Company Can Truly Benefit Owners of Small Businesses

A loan processing company plays a bunch of vital roles for broker and lending organizations. It can be described as a self-governing company with a team of qualified loan officers, processors, underwriters and other real estate professionals. For a small business, owning a large team of employees remains a long-term, future goal.

How to Properly Utilize Payday Loans

Payday loans have gotten a bad reputation in the loan industry for many reasons. However, a lot of these reasons are not very fair to the businesses that offer payday loans themselves. While it is true that payday loans can lead to greater and greater financial problems if they are used incorrectly, this is no different than any other financial tool. Credit cards, bank loans, and other financial tools can also be harmful if they are not used responsibly, and payday loans are no different.

Usefulness of Contract Mortgage Underwriting And Tips on Choosing Service Providers

Mortgage underwriting is among the final stages of closing a house loan. It is also a step that reveals if a borrower has a chance to close a loan. This crucial step is carried out by a professional called a mortgage underwriter.

Does My Personal Story Matter For The SBA Offer In Compromise?

Article by foremost SBA Default expert about why the Offer In Compromise decision is more about how much you can pay rather than why you can’t pay. Offer unique insights by a seasoned SBA Workout expert.

Learn These 13 Steps To Getting Your Business Loans And Government Grants Approved!

My business had not been in luck especially when it came to securing loans and I usually thought that I was never going to get any relief. I came however to discover some really great way around my stumbling block in the form of 13 tips to getting my business back to loan eligibility. The tips highlighted the main things that I had not been keen to implement in my business and gave me the best directive ever!

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