The Most Fear-Inducing Real Estate Interview Questions [and Answers]

Significant Features of Senior Living Facilities & Convenience Store Finances

C store loans are among the loan alternatives with distinct features and terms specified for the borrowers. Senior living facilities are considered to be one of the best things for the senior citizens. It provides a building complex full of neighbors suffering from similar ups and downs as they do.

Gas Station Loans – Credit History Plays A Vital Role

If you want to set up a gas station business or refurbish or expand an existing one, then opting for gas station loans will be great choice. If you want your loan to be sanctioned then there are several requirements which you are required to fulfill. For more information, continue reading.

Gas Station Construction Loans – Some Points To Note When Applying

There are several types of loans available which can help you to overcome any financial problems. The gas station construction loans are suitable for those individuals who are planning to set up a gas station business or refurbish or expand an existing one. For more information, continue reading.

Car Wash Loans – Ideal For Setting Up A New Car Wash Business

The car wash loans are ideal for individuals who are interested in setting up a new car wash business or want to expand an existing one. In order to be eligible for this loan, the borrowers have to fulfill certain requirements of the lenders. For more information, continue reading.

Business Leasing – How to Get Approved for Lease Finance For Your Equipment Needs

Information for Canadian business owners and financial managers on how to get approved for lease finance. What are the critical elements of a business leasing approval and how you can affect them?

Business Startup Loans – Meet Your Urgent Needs to Start a Productive Business!

Capital is the most essential requirement in order to start a business. Most of the people to acquire finance visit various financial institutions such as banks but cannot avail an advance that suits his/her requirements. But you need not be anxious any more as business startup loans are the most suitable option for you. You can now acquire easy credit to meet all your urgent needs to start a productive business.

Steps for Building Corporate Credit

When you start your own business, you soon find that the capital you started out with is not sufficient to sustain the business in the long term. You need fresh infusion of funds for expansion and diversification to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Ways of Building Corporate Credit

As a business person, you realize the need to keep your personal finances and your business finances separate. This clean accounting system helps in many ways. However, in order to obtain funds for the corporate entity, you need to focus on building corporate credit. This is in many ways similar to building up personal credit.

Building Corporate Credit From Scratch

As an entrepreneur you have put in your funds into the business venture you have started. However, you had always banked on being able to obtain further funds from banks or other financial institutions to help your business grow.

Building Corporate Credit Quickly

Banks are notoriously reluctant to lend to small enterprises. This is because a small company, especially a start up has a high chance of failing. The risk of failure increases when the entrepreneur has not taken adequate steps for building corporate credit.

New Small Business Lending Bill – How It Works for Small Businesses

For those small business owners wondering whether the winds of change from Washington will ever affect you, there is finally good news. The Senate, in its infinite wisdom, on September 14th, by a vote of 61 to 37, passed a motion which had the effect of approving the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010 (also known as the Obama Small Business Loan Bill). Since September of 2008, small business owners have been driving by local banks and not even turning their heads.

Commercial Financing With Bridge Loan – The Basics

Conventional commercial financing isn’t particularly easy to come by if the borrower has a poor credit history or if the property is not stabilized.  Also it is time consuming to secure commercial financing when the borrower is short on time to close a transaction.  However, if you see a real estate opportunity that is certain to pay dividends, do know that you have an option when it comes to looking for financing, and this comes in the form of commercial financing with bridge loans.

Obama Small Business Lending Bill Passes – What Next?

Washington. For those wondering whether our glorious Senate would ever pull its collective heads out of the sand and start down the path of helping small businesses, I have some good news.

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