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Easy Restaurant Funding

Restaurants just like any other kind of business need funding at some time. It could be money for advertising, expansion or for inventory. In most cases, only a loan can save a restaurant yet the…

Business Loans – What You Need to Know

Business loans are very important for any business not just for businesses which are just in the initiation stage, but also well established businesses looking for expansion. Businesses are not that easy to handle especially financially which is why you will find most business people going for the loans to boost their business growth and productivity. The business loans available in the market today are of many kinds, there are secured and non secured loans.

Low Interest Rates Don’t Spur Growth Unless Small Businesses Can Partake

What a great time to start a business, you can get the money cheap and interest rates are at a rock-bottom price. Unfortunately they probably aren’t available to you, it is just like buying a home these days, no longer can you get super low interest rates with zero down, those days are over. Not long ago, someone came to our think tank with a brilliant business plan, one which was so good, I had considered suggesting it to my friends who are Angel investors, or pitching it to other acquaintances who are venture capitalists.

What is Mortgage Loan Processing? Four Stages in the Loan Cycle

Mortgage loan processing involves a series of steps that are completed within a period of six to ten weeks. It is a very lengthy and intricate procedure for the parties involved. The mortgage loan processor oversees the entire process while the borrower adheres to the instructions given by the lender.

How Does a Merchant Cash Advance Work for Businesses?

For most businesses in the UK to run effectively, cash flow is crucial. If you do not have adequate cash flow, your commercial operation and day-to-day running is likely to be affected. This is clearly something business owners will want to avoid.

Changes to Hire Purchase Arrangements From 1 July 2012 in Australia

The Australian Government has made changes to how Hire Purchases treat the Good and Services Tax. Will you be affected?

Cash in the Barrel: Oilfield Service Companies Between a Rock and Hard Place When Seeking Financing

Many oilfield service companies are short on working capital, which can be difficult to get for these companies with high cash demand and little collateral. It’s time for these fast-growth companies to think outside the banking box.

Make It Rain: Get Fast Access to Cash With Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring has spurred many hot debates in the business community.  This alternative form of finance has had difficulty shaking its reputation as “the lender of last resort”. Truthfully, there are many factoring companies still out there that operate in this manner: charging sky high prices, wrangling desperate business owners into long term contracts, and aggressively pursuing their customers for collections.

A Terrible Economy Is an Excellent Reason to Get a Business Loan

Merely because the economy isn’t so hot, it’s not a good reason to stop borrowing money. Great business people are using the opportunities they’re getting to grow their businesses, getting business loans to take advantage of them.

Business Is a Science Supported by Art

Business is a science supported by art. Successful businesses understand the balance between top line and bottom line. Remember during the “dot com” boom, companies were going public by showing revenues with no profit.

What the Heck Are Commercial Bridge Loans and Why the Heck Would You Ever Need Them?

Many of us have heard the term commercial bridge loan, but what the heck are they really? And why the heck would you ever need one of them? Here’s the low-down on commercial bridge loans and some of the ways they can enhance your business as it relates to commercial real estate financing.

Major Benefits of Using Commercial Farm Loans

Farming needs numerous work hours, dealing and fighting with frequent weather changes, and the risk of the unknown is always present. It also needs a huge initial investment and additional extremely operational costs. That is the reason why it is a smart idea for existing farmers to opt for commercial agricultural loans.

When To Use A Business Loan Packager

Typically a borrower should apply for a loan directly to the bank and prepare the loan request documentation on his/ her own. However, if a borrower is not knowledgeable enough to prepare a successful loan request, he could end up being denied a loan or the loan application process may take unnecessarily long time and cost more. Use of a professional loan packager is advisable in such instances. It is cost effective, fast and un-stressful. The following article attempts to show cause why a borrower should use a Professional loan Packager.

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