The Perfect Multifamily BRRRR (23 Units, ZERO Work)

SBA Loans – You Know Most Lenders Aren’t Funding, But Why?

SBA loans and in particular, SBA 7a loans are down substantially year to date, by 57% according to the Small Business Association. We all know the bad news, but what are the issues specifically?

9 Tips For Getting Small Business Loans

In order to get approval for your small business loan application, you have to be able to meet the lending terms set. Some organizations involve more risk and therefore require more strict criteria.

Increase Working Capital With a Merchant Cash Advance

Working capital is important for any and all businesses. If you need some working capital, you can get it through a merchant cash advance.

About Your Business Credit Score

If you don’t think your small business credit score is one of the most important pieces of financial information, think again. This is one area that tends to get highly neglected, yet it can either make a business survive or make come down crashing in an instant.

Learning About Government Grant Applications

Applying for government loans can be can be a bit more complicated than a few pages of fill in the blanks, but free help is available to help you with this process, especially if it is for business or real estate. Contact one of the 1,000 Small Business Development Centers around the country that will help you fill out applications for free or next to nothing.

Business Start Up Loans – For Your Business Dream

Starting up a business might be your dream but having sufficient funds to initiate a business is not necessarily the case with everyone. In such a situation of insufficient funds starting up a business is not at all possible. So does that mean you should not live your dream? Don’t get worried because business start up loans can provide you with financial relief by extending financial help on time. You can raise funds for meeting your business financial requirements.

Obama’s New Small Business Stimulus Loans – Are They Coming Our Way? Part 1

As Americans we have experienced the full gamut of emotions after hearing TARP I handed 350 billion to big banks, but no money filtered through to small businesses in the form of loans. In fact, the spicket was turned off completely after receipt of the bailout money. But putting down the front page of our local newspaper for a moment, what is it like in the trenches?

Can Your Company Use a Factoring Loan?

Recently I had a client contact me looking to take out a Factoring Loan. It has been some time since I had heard it referred to as this, but what he was referring to was Accounts Receivable Factoring.

How to Get Business Credit With Ugly Credit

If you want to start a business, or get additional capital for an ongoing business, you may think it is not possible because you have bad or ugly personal credit. It’s true that traditional lenders such as banks do not offer credit as readily to business owners that have less-than-perfect credit. However, today there are lending institutions that specifically offer bad credit business loans.

Commercial Mortgages!

Commercial mortgage is nothing but a mortgage used to buy a commercial piece of property or commercial building. It is also a type of mortgage secured against a property which is let out to non-residential tenants. There are numerous financial consultants who offer guidance on the types of commercial mortgages to choose.

Bank Lending and the Business Cash Advance

What affects does bank lending have on the availability of the business cash advance? Read on to find out.

Bad Credit Commercial Loans – Gives Wings to Your Dreams

If you are thinking about starting a new business and bad credit score is acting as an obstacle then do not worry. As a matter of fact, bad credit business loans are specially designed keeping the situation of the borrowers in mind. The borrower’s credit history plays an important role when it comes to lending money. These loans provide financial assistance to bad credit borrowers who are facing problems such as arrears, defaults, CCJs and IVA.

Savvy Commercial Loans and Commercial Loan Lenders

Commercial loans are fast disappearing. Keep Savvy business loan with the lenders in this market. Even small and regional commercial banks have declined in Loans Commercial Loans In these times its important to get your fingers on the pulse of the commercial real estate credit market. The CMBS lenders began to die late last year and now are not on all loans.

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