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Commercial Mortgage Rates – Negotiate The Best Deal

Yes, it is possible to choose your commercial mortgage rates. Many banks and lending institutions tend to push a set into the structuring of the loan, but this may not always be beneficial for the business or the individual who is paying back the loan every month. Do not feel that you have to accept the first mortgage rate that they give you. Big banks are notorious for offering terms that are only beneficial to the bank. Commercial loans are not only offered through banks these days. There are a number of professional independent commercial loan companies who have specific expertise in the field of commercial mortgage loans and especially commercial loan refinancing.

The Terms and Conditions of Commercial Mortgage Lenders

In America, the practical way to procure a mortgage loan for the purchase of a commercial property is to find a group of commercial mortgage lenders without going through a broker. Then, one should determine which lender is best suited for the transaction.

Small Business Loan for Ladies

Colleges are actually showing increasingly more ladies signed up for areas including account, funding and financial burdens. Single women have turned into a powerful and strong force in the U.S. economy.

Business Cash Advances, Speedy, Straightforward, and With No Personal Guarantee

If you do pick to enter an agreement for merchant cash advances, look around and consider your options. Many companies ask for different terms. One may request you to pay back 10% more than you are advanced while needing to draw 5% of your future credit card proceeds. Another company may only request you to pay back 8% more, but want you to commit to giving 10% of your income. Which works best for your business?

Commercial Mortgage Lending: An Overview

What is commercial mortgage lending and who exactly are commercial mortgage lenders? Succinctly, a commercial mortgage is simply a loan that is made using a commercial property as collateral. Commercial mortgage lenders are lenders that specialize in making loans against commercial property. It isn’t altogether different than regular loans, just the collateral being presented against the loan is sometimes owned by multiple parties and requires a more diligent and legalistic approach to the lending experience.

Today’s SBA Loan Rates

Commercial Finance Advisors, Inc. discusses SBA loan rates on SBA 7A loan and SBA 504 loans as well. Current SBA loan rates are discussed in addition to various loan programs.

How Down Payment Assistance Works for Commercial Property

Let us start off by first dispelling the rumor that down payment assistance (DPA) is something for nothing. For commercial projects the down payment may come from a third party but it is in reality funded by the seller. This means it is a creative way to allow the seller to cover the down payment and sometimes even the closing costs.

Commercial Mortgages – How Best to Secure Finance

How to put yourself in the best position to secure funding on commercial developments and other projects. Step by Step guidance on approaching commercial lenders.

Today’s Commercial Mortgage Rates

This discussion is regarding commercial mortgage rates for loan amounts between $500,000 – $10,000,000 and for owner user type loan requests as well as non-multifamily investment properties, such as office, retail, and industrial as well as special purpose properties such as restaurants. The good news is that rates are still at very low levels when looked at from a historical levels, however many of the indexes that commercial mortgages are tied to have increased dramatically in the last 30 -45 days. For example the LIBOR SWAP Rates have jumped up between 40 and 75 basis points in this…

What Is a Commercial Bridge Loan and How To Get One

The commercial bridge loan act as interim financing and is used to quickly close on a commercial real estate property. These types of loans are also used to take advantage of an opportunity that is only available for the short-term or to save real estate from foreclosure. Bridge loans tend to be more expensive than the usual commercial financing options. This is because commercial bridge loans are riskier than conventional loans.

How to Avail Commercial Hard Money

When a commercial loan is considered to be non bankable, it is termed to be a commercial hard money loan. In these cases, the business for some reason fails to qualify for the standard banking criteria necessary for a commercial loan, but does have assets or real estate that are enough to collateralize the loan for lenders or investors. Therefore, the financing options are left to private lenders. A borrower to renovate and flip a commercial property often uses these loans.

What Are The Kinds Of Commercial Mortgage Financing?

Commercial mortgage financing is available for all kinds of commercial properties. Buyers need money to finance apartment buildings, convenience stores, funeral homes, gas stations, historic sites, hospitals, motels, industrial parks and every other conceivable kind of commercial property or business.

How Can Freight Factoring Can Help

Freight companies are one of the worst types of companies to be involved with and the reason for this is due to the fact that they will find themselves especially vulnerable to poor cash flow problems by virtue of the fact that many of their customers do not settle their outstanding accounts when and as required. As the freight company has to anxiously wait for the customers to finally get around to paying the money that is owed, the freight company will still be fully liable for the various expenses that they will incur such as the cost of maintenance of their vehicles, along with the cost of fuel and wages.

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