What Can/Will Go Wrong in a BRRRR? + Mitigating Your Risk

Merchant Loans For 2009

There are many reasons why I feel the merchant loan will be one of the most sought-out methods of business financing for 2009. Many of those reasons stem from our current economic situation.

The Search For a Viable Business Cash Advance – Business Loan Management CRM Solution – Part 1

Business loans and cash advance factoring industry has been exploding, very body needs a loan yet for those in the business cash advance industry there has not been a clearly defined sales, leads, loan management system. With that in mind we explore CRM solutions for the business loan / business cash advance industry.

Small Business Loan Review – Is Anyone Making Small Business Loans in This Bailout Market? Part 2

The Federal government is planning a large bail out for major banking institutions. What about small businesses?

Small Business SBA Loan Info – Is Anyone Out There Making Loans? Will the Federal Government Bailout

In the first two articles we talked about the prospects of small businesses finally receiving needed capital and some of the sources you can turn to. So assume you have selected a couple of smaller SBA lenders and are now ready to give your pitch. How do you present yourself?

Show Your Business How Much You Love it With the Small Business Loan Alternative

This Valentine’s Day, try something different. Get a business cash advance for your business.

Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans are loans used for business or industrial purposes and it is considered as a key source of funds for the business section. These Loans are a major line of business since they provide funds for a varied section of business purposes. Loans from banks also play an important part when it comes to corporations, sole proprietorship and partnerships as all these sections form the business sector.

How Factoring Can Reduce Your Own Personal Risk – Thinking Outside the Four Walled Box

With recession here to stay it is a time of reflect on your own personal risk associated with your business. Whilst there will be opportunities presented for many SME’s, for most companies, recession means only one thing – times will get tougher. Tough times means the very survival of the business you have spent years building up could potentially be under threat.

Bad Credit Business Loans Are Possible, So Save Your Business

If you’re going through a tough financial time, don’t give up. There are plenty of options and a bad credit business loans is one of them.

Commercial Apartment Loans – Still Some Great Options

Commercial apartment loans have fared very well, compared to other commercial real estate loans. We are still seeing low, long term fixed rates (up to 30 year), and underwriting standards that are not near as tight within other commercial property types.

Small Business Loan Update – Is Anyone Out There Making Loans? Will the Federal Bailout Help Us?

In these troubled economic times, the question is whether any bank or financial institution is making loans to small businesses. This article, in four parts, will discuss what loans are available.

Start Up Business Loans – An Easy Solution For New Entrepreneurs

Many individuals inherit their forefathers’ businesses. In contrast, there are still many business-oriented people whose parents are salaried employees and who have to start from scratch to build up their own businesses. A considerable amount of money goes into the business even if it is on a small scale and it takes a lot of time before a particular business starts giving returns.

How to Get a Business Bank Loan That Reports to Business Credit Bureaus

Getting a bank loan in the name of your business that reports to the business credit agencies is invaluable for building business credit and finding larger and less expensive financing in the future. It may seem like an impossible task since banks have very tight lending criteria compared to other funding sources, but there is a little trick to getting a loan from a bank.

Why the Smart Restaurant Owner Chooses a Credit Card Cash Advance For 2009

Need funds in 2009? Why not apply for a credit card cash advance and get up to $500,000 for your business?

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