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How To Make The Most Of Your Merchant Loan

If you have had a small business for any length of time, you know quite well that there are occasions where having access to an extra five or ten thousand dollars could make a huge difference. There are multiple drawbacks to standard loans but a merchant loan could be the key that unlocks the door to becoming truly successful.

The Euro Won’t Work! Buy to Let Mortgages

All the recent events concerning the economic situation of Greece and the Euro does play an important part on everyone’s day to day finances. In particular the banks are affected and this is passed on to us through residential mortgages, loans, commercial mortgages and buy to let mortgages.

Unsecured Lines Of Credit – Be Wary Of Application Fees

A father of three has been laid off and has decided that he is tired of relying on a corporation to provide for his family. He is determined to buy and reopen an old restaurant he once frequented as a child. Having never owned a business or commercial real estate before, his dream of becoming a restaurateur is weakened by brokers, and their many fees and mountains of paperwork.

Does Invoice Factoring Help Businesses Grow?

Does your company sell goods or services to other companies or government agencies? If the answer is “Yes” chances are that the current economic climate leads to a waiting period of 30, 60 and sometimes even 90 days until you get paid by your clients. Waiting to be paid by your clients can be very challenging – if not detrimental – especially if your business is a start-up. But even if your business has been around for a while invoice factoring might be the way to go. Read on to find out what Invoice Factoring is and if it may help your business grow.

Get Your Loans Approved for Your Start Up Business

Getting a loan is hard, but this article tells you how you can get your loans approved and what the best loans for a business are. Keep reading for more information.

Small Business Loans and Bad Credit

Bad credit holding your business back? Maybe you are seeking the wrong type of business loan. See how to get a loan based on your business and not your credit.

What Options Are Available When Offering Retail Finance?

This article is for retailers who have never offered retail finance – what it can do for your business? What does it take to get a facility in place? What are the alternatives if you can’t get a direct retail finance facility?

Guide to Loans for a Small Business Start Up

The main roadblock in starting any small business or a start-up venture is to get money and invest it into the business. Several great business ideas bite the dust just for the simple reason that the finance for starting it up cannot be arranged in the stipulated time frame.

Need to Find a Private Business Lender? Here Is How

This article focuses on how a small business can work with a private lender in regards to capital needs. There is also a focus on how to use a business plan to obtain small business capital.

Unsecured Business Loans For All Your Business Needs

Are you in the search of better options regarding unsecured business loans? Well, you can anticipate better results in some of the most unique ways.

Huge Positive Changes To The SBA 504 Refinance Program

The SBA has announced the elimination of most of the restrictions to the SBA 504 refinance program, which made it virtually impossible for borrowers to qualify. Virtually all of the restrictions have been removed, and the benefits are substantial.

Obtaining a Business Line of Credit

This article focuses on the process of receiving a business line of credit. A discussion regarding the financial statements needed in order to complete a credit application are also mentioned.

Business Financing: Spot Factoring

Needing working capital financing for your growing business but don’t want to factor all your receivables? Look to spot factoring.

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