Will Rising Interest Rates Tank the Housing Market?

What Can a Business Cash Advance Do For Your Company?

If you have ever been involved in a small business, then you know all about the challenges associated with a lack of cash flow. One of the major challenges for people in this situation is that sometimes, they need to buy something to further their business, but the money just isn’t there.

How to Find Good Commercial Mortgage Rates

If you really want to get the best possible commercial mortgage rates going at the present time. Then it is important that spend some time doing some comparison shopping whilst keeping certain things in mind. Below we offer some ideas of such things to do that can help you to obtain the best loan possible for your commercial venture.

SBA Loan Default – How to Get Back on Track

So you received a letter from your lender which contained the words that would make any business owners shudder on fear: YOU ARE IN DEFAULT. Now what? 1) Don’t Ignore It. The worst thing you can possibly do at this point is stick your head in the sand and pretend that the issue does not exist. Yes, it’s a scary thing to think about.

Purchase Order Financing For Manufacturing Companies

For manufacturing companies, being able to purchase supplies is paramount to their business. If they are not able to secure the raw materials necessary to create their products, they can not fulfill orders. This would likely result in the company not being able to attract future business. Who wants to work with a business that is likely to tank soon? To avoid having to turn down business, purchase order financing for manufacturing companies is an excellent option.

What’s the Big Deal With Merchant Cash Advances?

Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand for the past year or so, you’re probably aware that we are in the midst of one of the worst financial climates in recent history. Not only is business bad all over, but trying to get credit or a bank loan has become nearly impossible.

Top Tips on How to Get a Efficient Commercial Mortgage Application

Now, the mortgage process can be a very stressful, worrying and timely affair for the majority of people, however the process can be made easier if the clients are more prepared from the start-off. Being prepared naturally leads on to efficiency and is more likely to lead to a successful efficient application.

Government Grants For New Businesses – 3 Places to Look For Grants

Are are like many people and dislike your current job and are thinking about starting a business of your own or maybe you have lost your job and are searching for a way to make money. These situations lead many to thoughts of opening up their own business. But since finances are usually quite tight, many entrepreneurs are searching for government grants for new businesses to help them make their dreams of becoming a business owner a reality.

Getting a Business Loan Made Simple

A business loan is a loan taking out to help finance business needs.  For a person who is trying to secure a business loan for a start up business the process can seem daunting.  Lenders know starting a business is a risk.

Online Business Loan – Your Business Needs it

Perhaps you know that your business can receive a loan to boost its base and you have decided to look for a lender online. This is a good decision to make because an online business loan is one of the fastest means to leverage your business. There are companies whose services involve provision of loans to borrowers or businesses. You can access such online business loans from…

Importance of Commercial Mortgage Modification to the Economy

Experts have been predicting that the commercial real estate sector will also experience a crisis that may even be worse than that of the residential housing market. The unabated rise in unemployment and the increasing number of vacancies in commercial properties are indicators of this impending trouble. Fortunately, commercial mortgage modification is one of the potential solutions to this problem.

The Basics of Commercial Loan Modification

Similar in principle to home mortgage modifications, a commercial loan modification allows the owner to renegotiate the terms of his or her mortgage to avoid the foreclosure or repossession of the property. As in modification to a home mortgage, many lenders will also opt to work on a loan restructuring agreement with the owner, and may collaborate for the extension of the loan terms, the reduction of the mortgage’s interest rates, the payment of interest charges only for a given time frame, past due balance deferment, and reduction of the outstanding loan balance.

Getting Turned Down For a Business Loan Because of Bad Credit is Not the End of the World

In the past, getting turned down for a business loan could be fatal for some businesses. Luckily there are now alternatives for those seeking additional working capital.

Why Banks Don’t Offer Business Loans to People With Bad Credit

Let’s get something out of the way right now; banks are refusing to lend businesses money right now regardless of their credit history. I’m sure that we can all agree that this credit crunch stinks. This article is more of a generalized view of the banking industry under normal circumstances.

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